Should You Buy The New Leather Link Apple Watch Band

Apple’s Brand New premium Apple Watch band is the Exceptional Leather Link which stays secure with magnets encased in genuine leather, and it’s a terrific option for affordable luxury.There are some Apple bands which feel quite pricey without Any real reason. The standard Sports Band springs to mind. $50 for what seems like almost the like off third ones off Amazon.

However, in an effort to find a cheaper Leather Loop, We’ve attempted a few from other resources, and every time there was a stark difference. In different bands, the leather has been harder, the magnets have beenn’t as strong, or the edges frayed after limited usage. It bolstered that for some bands, Apple’s caliber is best.

We’ve used our leather fold because it was introduced, and it Looks great — apart than a handful of bite marks out of our kitty at one point which is an occupational hazard of critters and leather goods. We have washed it from time to time utilizing a normal leather cleaner and it remains as trendy as the day we bought it apple watch 6 bands.

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Right Now, there are no third-party equivalents of Apple’s Leather Link band but when the copy-cats do arrive, we’ve got no doubt that Apple’s will soon be superior.When looking at Apple’s lineup of Apple Watch bands, the Braided Solo Loop, while nice, does not seem to possess the exact same value as the Leather Link. When we wanted a premium band for the Apple Watch, the new Leather Link are our new go to option.

This band looks amazing on, has good quality, and we all understand It holds up over time based on our using Apple’s additional leather bands. Even the California Poppy color that we guessed would be overly yellowish, actually comes off as more of a caramel tan and seems flawless.

Of course the Leather Link will not be for everyone, Ergo Apple’s massive lineup of various bands and colours, but it Definitely won us over. We will return to revisit that this inspection in a few months using pictures of Wear and weathering.

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