Official SETI Support of Hoagland Theory

" ... on November 4, all the Web postings of data and descriptions of the claimed detection were removed, and replaced by a National Security Agency emblem and, as of November 5, by an inverted American flag, a U.N. flag, and the "flag of earth" (as designed by James Cadle of Fairmount, Illinois). The initials "RCH" also appear on the bottom of the graphic, presumably a reference to Richard C. Hoagland, a scientist/journalist who maintains that the EQ Peg signal announcement is a disinformation plot to hide a real detection. In any case, the "data" for what was claimed to be the a discovery of momentous importance has simply been removed from the Web. [However, copies were made of these sites, and you can find them on AOL.] This is probably the most compelling indication that this supposed detection was not a case of a mistaken signal, but a deliberate machination."

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