The question is: What does John Glenn and a winged horse called Pegasus have to do with it?

SOHOport02.gif (144660 bytes)


1998 THE ENTERPRISE MISSION     UPDATED: 12/23/00 04:11 PM

On Wednesday, June 24, 1998, at 7:16 p.m., EDT, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a joint NASA/ESA spacecraft, mysteriously went "off-line." This unlikely event occurred just weeks after a series of sensational observations that literally shook the world of astronomy to its core. Given the nature of the observations this "loss of contact" immediately rang alarm bells to TEM researchers, and led to the usual checks of the "ritual pattern" NASA and JPL have repetitively used in numerous prior mission milestones.

Within a few days, we had established that SOHO had not merely malfunctioned, but had actually been "taken out," by the powers in charge at the Goddard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. As we had seen so many times before, the event had in fact been timed to coincide with the passage of the stars - the gods themselves to the ancient Egyptians. The Goddard team had apparently waited for Osiris, God of Resurrection and the Underworld, to pass through the symbolic 19.5 "tetrahedral" latitude (below the horizon) before "killing" the $1 billion dollar probe.

soho-loss.jpg (67674 bytes) The evidence became even clearer that there was "something up" when a cursory check of the Giza plateau revealed the planet Mars, center of so much controversy over the presence of ancient artifacts on its surface and also associated with the Falcon/Sun-god Horus, in the constellation Taurus at -19.5 (within a 3 minute window).

SOHO-gone-egypt.gif (15700 bytes)

This conclusion was reinforced when it was announced a few months later that SOHO had been literally given a "poison pill" - a series of mistaken commands and improper programming that left the spacecraft drifting and unable to relay images and data from it's bevy of instruments.

Under any other circumstances, the loss of such an important and productive mission would have been merely tragic. But considering the work that SOHO had been doing just prior to it's "malfunction," the ramifications took on a new and ominous light.

You see, SOHO -- sent up to study the Sun's chromosphere and internal mechanics -- had been comet spotting.

98j1980504.gif (90995 bytes)
Comet image from SOHO's LASCO instrument

Set in a wobbly elliptical "Lagrange" orbit about 1.5 million miles from the Earth, SOHO had been in operation with little trouble for over 2 years. Sending back reams of data and thousands of images in a wide range of light spectrums, SOHO had spotted a spectacular comet in mid-May coming - of all things - out of Orion.

soho_orbit.gif (58600 bytes)

1998J1980518.gif (22619 bytes) Dubbed Comet J1 1998 SOHO, it was the first comet visible with the unaided eye (at least in the Southern Hemisphere) since Hale-Bopp. Like that infamous twin-tailed "Comet of the Century," J1 SOHO had found itself in an orbit that seemed a little too perfect, a little too convenient.
Its orbit carried it to "CAE" - the point of Closest Approach to Earth, on May 20th at approximately 6:00 A.M. Universal time.  orbit.gif (5005 bytes)
soho-COMET-may20.jpg (89764 bytes) Had you been standing next to the Great Pyramid at that moment - the literal birthplace of human civilization - you would have sensed Isis (Sirius), the Goddess of the Nile, mother of Horus the Sun God, Consort of Osiris (Orion), rising from below at precisely 19.5. This sacred tetrahedral latitude, symbolic of the magical power of the Gods themselves, has shown itself over and over in the history of the US space program. But what was Sirius doing marking the passage of a comet from the heart of Orion, the brother and husband of Isis herself?

Good question.

It has been suggested that a "Hyperdimensional" vehicle - essentially a flying saucer - could fly out to the asteroid belt or beyond and casually nudge up against a rock, then gently push it into a precise orbit of virtually any configuration. Such technology is implicit in the "HyperD" model -  and could explain just how Hale-Bopp was able to reach its closest point to Earth at exactly the same moment as a major Lunar Eclipse - creating the most amazing celestial spectacle of the the last 1,000 years.

But the possible significance of all this might have gone unnoticed were it not for yet another "spectacular coincidence" - as NASA called it, a week or so later. On June 1st and 2nd, SOHO observed twin comets "Kreutz Sun-grazers," they are called, plunge into the Sun, followed by a monstrous Coronal Mass Ejection. (Click here for an mpeg or Quicktime of this event.)

twin_comets_19980601_1756.jpg (246382 bytes)
241k JPEG

NASA was quick to point out that the CME event was not connected to the comet's impact. But how likely is this? In the "Hyperdimensional Physics" model, the energy output of the Sun is directly related to the bulk angular momentum of the other bodies in the solar system. Any increase in angular momentum, either of the Sun itself or one of the other planets, should cause just such a disturbance. So if the impact of a pair of comets, transferring significant angular momentum, can cause such a huge "Solar Flare," what would be the effect (in terms of CME) of a whole bunch of cometary impacts?

Good question.

So, around the time of its "decommissioning," SOHO had been making quite a nuisance of itself and bringing a lot of attention to comets. Yet, this still might not be sufficient motive to "take out" SOHO. The Hyperdimensional Physics model, while very promising, is still in need of testing and most flares of this type, even big ones, are harmless to us here on Earth. So what else could have made it necessary to shut down SOHO for a while?

The answer seems to lie in NASA and Hollywood's recent "Comet fixation." As noted in previous TEM posts, we have been literally bombarded (pun intended) in the last 18 months with TV specials, news stories and movies about the coming of an asteroid or comet to potentially extinguish life on Earth. One of the latest involves a recent, nationwide television "commercial" repeatedly running on all networks, hosted by the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) himself, James Lee Witt - personally selling disaster flood insurance ... under the telegraphic title "Project Impact!" Another incredibly prescient commercial, suddenly running simultaneously with FEMA's enigmatic effort (and also on every network and cable channel outlet - just imagine the advertising costs ...) features a professional fisherman caught in slow motion on a boat, without warning dramatically highlighted by the intense fireball of a streaking comet entering the atmosphere, while the announcer solemnly intones "The world is about to become a very different place ..!"

If you live in the United States within 200 miles of the West Coast, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Eastern Seaboard ... can you spell "thousand-foot tsunami?"

Many of the documentary programs and films that have assaulted us this year, repeatedly terrorizing the audience with this same subject, have had the official support and assistance of NASA and the Department of Defense (DOD), including this summer's two blockbusters "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon."


In the first of these two "astro-terror" megahits, the Earth is saved at the last minute (what else) by a heroic crew of NASA astronauts who sacrifice their own lives by flying a spacecraft (named Orion!) into the heart of an approaching comet, detonating a nuclear device to destroy it.

media_images05.jpg (10935 bytes)
"Deep Impact"

media_images02.jpg (18713 bytes) While this project from DreamWorks studios had a degree of NASA support (apparently enough to get the new shuttle named "Orion"), the full fledged backing of the agency was reserved for the July 4th, 1998 debut of Paramount's "Armageddon."
NASA trotted out all the horses to stand behind the second film. Giving nearly unprecedented levels of support and access to agency facilities, NASA got its payback in droves of free publicity and its logo in practically every scene. They even rolled out the red carpet for the film's world premiere, holding it at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. armaged.jpg (18377 bytes)
ARMAG-PREMIERE.jpg (90328 bytes) Of course, if we are right, then such a major event as this could not come off without some reference to the "Egyptian-Masonic-Tetrahedral" connection we have come to expect when NASA holds major events. We were not disappointed.

At the moment the projectors began to roll on June 29th at 8:00 P.M., showing to the press and invited guests the film that the agency had put so much behind, there was Orion again, this time at the Masonic latitude of 33 below the horizon. Simultaneously, at 33 above that same western horizon, was Leo, the Sphinx (Horus), with Regulus, the heart of the Lion, precisely in the "Masonic" crosshairs.

But c'mon. Comets placed in their orbits? Solar observatories taken out deliberately? NASA conspiring to hide it all and yet still leave a trail of bread crumbs via movies and TV? Where's the proof?

More good questions. In this case, the answers (and the clinchers) come from inside the agency itself.


The issue of "Hyperdimensional" spacecraft would not even be on the table were it not for two extraordinary videos taken by NASA on shuttle missions STS-48 and STS-80. In both cases - precisely 33 missions apart - the shuttle's external cameras record powered vehicles flitting about in low-Earth orbit, defying the known "laws" of physics and doing so with the clear foreknowledge of the camera's Houston-based operators. In both cases, references are made to "Orion." On the STS-48 audio, just before the "events" begin, NASA capcom is heard discussing the astronauts observations of Orion while mission control operators are observing a lightning storm from the shuttle's video camera.


sts48.jpg (11339 bytes)

sts-80.gif (179275 bytes)

In one amazing sequence on the STS-80 video, a "Hypership" drifts into the frame, descends into the Earth's atmosphere, slows to match speed with the shuttle, and then moves back along it's original trajectory to wind up in --  Orion.

And of course, the video sequence begins right above Santiago, Chile. Which "just happens" to lie at 33 South latitude. In addition, the climaxing events occur a few minutes later, over the Amazon rainforest, at dawn (the "tangent" ...), at 19.5 degrees ... and ... on the 195th orbit of the Shuttle. All "coincidence, " of course.

In both cases, the evidence shows that there is a secret space program, one that has used long suppressed physics models to produce "scalar" gravity control technologies. With this kind of vehicle, "bumping" a comet into a specific orbit would be no effort whatever.

But what of SOHO? Our final evidence of it's deliberate murder came in the miraculous, recent recovery of the spacecraft "from the dead." Once again, the ritual pattern was meticulously followed, and then celebrated with a ceremonial raising of the glasses ...

... in a well prepared sacrament that even included a decorated cake. It seems that the SOHO team had a lot of confidence that they would successfully "resurrect" their probe.

soho-rec.gif (12883 bytes)

toast.jpg (129232 bytes)

But all this went only so far. It was not until we had confirmation, in the form of a reference to, of all things, a cartoon, on NASA's own Solar Data Analysis Center web site -- that we knew. The SDAC web site is run by the SOHO project scientists themselves, and is used to dispense mission data and images to the general public.

At the recent Seattle conference, TEM principal investigator Richard Hoagland was approached by an audience member who related that she had been surfing the site, and through a "back door" serendipitously dropped into an ftp directory not accessible through the regular web pages. It was here that she found a curious and disturbing image buried amongst the "official" SOHO files ...

they_killed.jpg (212315 bytes)
L to R, top to bottom, Officer Barbrady, Chef, Mr. Hat, Mr. Garrison, the Greys, Mrs. Cartman,
Eric Cartman, SOHO/Kenny, Kyle, the dog, Stan, Wendy, and Ike.

It was the cast of South Park, a weekly adult oriented cartoon on the Comedy Central network. Except that one of the characters, Kenny, had been replaced by a crude image of the SOHO spacecraft, and two "grey" aliens from an early episode are seen standing behind the residents of South Park. The image "they_killed.jpg" can be found at: http://umbra.nascom.nasa.gov/images/they_killed.jpg [NOTE: 12/23/00 04:11 PM - Upon receiving an e-mail from SOHO project scientist Joe Gurman on 11/8/98, I have learned that this link no longer works. The FTP directory in which it resided is also now replaced by a web page.]

Now, for those of you not familiar with this irreverent (some would say tasteless) show, the significance might be lost on you. Kenny is a hapless poor kid from South Park who every week (almost) meets his demise in some gruesome and amusing way (once by a meteor!) and is then magically resurrected at the end of each show or in the next episode. His death is always followed by the exclamation "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" followed by "Those bastards!"

kennydead.gif (3045 bytes)
Kenny RIP

So the implication is not only clear, it fits directly with the scenario TEM had previously put together with separate data. "They" deliberately killed SOHO!

And somebody - inside the SOHO project itself - obviously wants us to know.

While we have ideas as to why SOHO was killed, which we will lay out in a moment, the presence of the "greys" is curious. Is it meant to be a literal message? Aliens disabled SOHO for some reason of their own, or is their presence merely meant to direct us to the question of UFO's, and of course the videos previously discussed? The literal conclusion seems more appropriate, but for reasons which will be made clear in a moment, may not be the "true" answer.

So the question at this point, with all the evidence establishing another "coup" of our space program by NASA elite, is why. There are two answers really. One is practical, the other symbolic and somewhat obscure. But, they both lead to the same chilling and yet inescapable conclusion.

There is a "rock" coming -- possibly as early as November 6, 1998!

The key to figuring out the demise and reanimation of SOHO lies in the constellations -- Taurus to be exact. Remember where Mars was when viewed from Giza, the most sacred site in all the world, back when SOHO went missing? It was in Taurus, at -19.5. In the ancient mythical texts of Egypt, Taurus represents Set, the evil brother of Osiris who murdered him and usurped his kingdom, only to be vanquished by Osiris' son Horus. During the course of this war, Horus is temporarily blinded by Set, only to regain his sight and then to battle with Set into the future to posses the souls of men (BTW: that's where the "fish" and the "fisherman" in the commercial come in ...).The stories go on to tell us that Horus will triumph in this war, and when Set is destroyed in spirit form Osiris will return to Earth to rule over a new "Golden Age." Since Mars represents Horus and also "war," the symbolic link is that the shutting down of SOHO represents the first shot against Horus (in this case his "eye," SOHO), in the final battle between Set (Taurus) and Horus (Mars-the Sun-Leo), avenging the death of Osiris (Orion).

seth.jpg (23477 bytes)
Set (left)

To the Egyptians, Set represented chaos, danger and destruction. The myths tell of him of wreaking fire from the heavens, causing great floods, and bringing darkness upon the land. All of which is eerily indicative of the after-effects of a comet strike.

Set's affiliation with Taurus brings up the fairly obvious deduction. To the Egyptians, such "chaos and terror" rained from Taurus.

0609600869_m.gif (7096 bytes)

In his latest book, "The Mars Mystery," noted researcher Graham Hancock has taken this connection one step further. Hancock's latest work, building on the Mars/Egypt associations originally proposed as "the Terrestrial Connection" by Richard Hoagland, in "The Monuments of Mars," shows many additional linkages between Earth, ancient Egyptian myths, Mars, and ancient structures on both planets.

It also devotes a lot of time to "Set" and "Taurus," noting among other things that Stonehenge (which lies 33 of longitude West of Giza) is now thought by prominent researchers to have been built as an incoming comet early warning system.


monbook2.jpg (16315 bytes)

mys1.jpg (18534 bytes)

The key is that at the time of it's construction (3600 B.C.), it would have served as a warning system for comets coming out of Taurus. There also is a significant accumulation of data to suggest that such bombardments did occur during this period. If we add up the astroarcheology and the histories of the ancients, we get a clear picture of "fire from the sky," arising from Taurus, shortly after the dawn of post ice age civilization. But what does this have to do with today, and with SOHO?

The "connecting glue"  is the Taurid Meteor Storm.

Taurid-stream1.gif (183996 bytes)
For illustration purposes only. Not to scale.



Encke-orbit.gif (10462 bytes)
Plan view of Encke orbit.

Most of the meteor storms we are familiar with, like the Persieds, the Andromedids, and the Leonids, are harmless [although the latter, peaking every 33 years (!!), this year (1998) and next (1999) do present a serious threat, according to NORAD, to orbiting satellites due to micro impactors and electrical disruption] because there are no large scale bodies left in their streams. It is estimated that meteor storms take some 100,000 years to disperse all of the large (1km +) bodies in their streams. The Taurids however, are another beast entirely.

Leading astronomers of the last half-century like Fred Whipple, Victor Clube, and William Napier have done extraordinary work pointing out that the Taurid stream seems to be the strung out remnants of a mega comet, an object at least several hundred kilometers in diameter which broke up only 20,000 years ago. The stream is thought to be lead by comet Encke, the shortest (3.3 years -- 1/10th 33 ..!)  periodic comet known. The stream of debris orbits in an "Earth Crossing" elliptical pattern, a "tube" essentially 30 million kilometers wide. We cross this stream like clockwork twice a year, from June 24th through July 6th, and from November 3rd through November 15th. As you can see, we annually spend some 24 days in the grips of the Taurid's trail. Since the Earth's crossing time for most other meteor streams is just a few hours, volume for volume and mass for mass, the source object of the Taurid stream may be about a million times larger than a "typical" one.

In pointing out several periods of multiple impact events in the past (one coinciding with the construction of Stonehenge) due to a disturbance or fragmentation in the stream, Clube and Napier discern that there must be several massive "hidden" comets in the stream, dormant comets invisible to our telescopes buried in the dust and debris.

Whipple, for one, concurred. He pointed out that Encke, some 5 kilometers across, most probably had several dormant and even larger companions. In addition there have so far been two other comets identified in the stream and 13 Earth crossing asteroids.

Which is not to say that those are all there is in the Taurid stream. Clube and Napier have used widely accepted methods to conclude that there are between one and two hundred asteroids of 1 kilometer diameter yet undiscovered in the stream. Observations of smaller objects, seen "clumping" at various points along the orbit, argue that there are hundreds of thousands of bodies, each capable of multimegaton level explosions, buried in the stream.

And that's not even the scariest part. Recent evidence supports the idea that there is a massive, up to 30 kilometer diameter "hidden companion" to Encke in the stream. Extrapolating from recent observations, an Italian mathematician has calculated that Earth will cross the portion of the stream containing this companion in just 32 years, in 2030.

And all of these objects, intersecting Earth's orbit at about 46,000 miles per hour.

As we look back in recent history, it is interesting to note that of the two crossings, the summertime seems to be the more active. Peaking on June 30th, there have been several major impact events during this period. On June 25th, 1187, a 2 kilometer comet struck the moon, forming the Giordano Bruno impact crater. From June 22nd to 26th, 1975, the moon was bombarded with multiple 1 ton objects. But the biggie, the one that strikes closest to home, is the "Tunguska event."

comet.jpg (32062 bytes)

It was June 30th 1908. In the early morning hours, a 70 meter object traveling at about 60,000 miles per hour, airburst over a largely unpopulated region of Siberia. It flattened 2,000 square kilometers, set fire to over a thousand, and ignited clothing more than 350 miles from the epicenter.

But none of this should convince you that the November crossing is by any means safe. While less active, a dark Tunguska sized object might not be visible until a few hours before impact.

Clube is also convinced, to the point of "betting my bottom dollar" that weather disturbances, climate change and localized problems like ozone depletion are caused by the meteor stream dust and its interaction with our atmosphere. Clearly the climatic effects of a large scale direct hit are already well established. But, the notion that weather changes (through increased "cloud nucleation")   may be a harbinger of passage through "dirtier" portions of the heavens is new. It might help explain hurricanes with 200 mph winds, tornadoes in downtown Miami and rain and mudslides in California. Perhaps the weather changes are a natural early warning system for increased meteor and cometary activity.

Which brings us once again to SOHO.

You may have noticed that the date of the beginning of the summertime crossing of the Taurid stream and the "loss" of SOHO exactly coincide. We have by now concluded that this was by design. The way to test this should be plainly obvious. Where was SOHO pointed when it suddenly "went dark"? What was it "not" supposed to see?

TAURID-june.gif (24346 bytes)

The answer of course, is the Sun. But beyond that -- the elliptical orbit of comet Encke and the Taurid meteor stream.

From our perspective, the stream approaches the earth by night from the asolar direction during November and by day from the solar direction during May/June. Comets coming out of the Sun are much harder to see, and observations are all but impossible without infrared or specialized equipment. The kind of instruments that SOHO had in droves. In fact, given that the stream is almost directly behind the sun, SOHO is the only probe that could have spotted a newly active comet out of the Taurid stream.

But how do we know it was an active comet? Because there would be no need to kill SOHO if the incoming rock were a dark object. We would almost certainly not see it.

As we tracked the Sun's course across the heavens, it grew closer and closer to the path of the Taurids. Finally, on August 25th, when it was in Leo, the sun matched the Taurid path perfectly. It followed along until the day of SOHO's resurrection, September 16th 1998. On that day and at that moment, the Sun was at the edge of Leo. It should be remembered that the Sun represents Horus only when it is in Leo.

The symbolism is elegant and striking. SOHO, the "eye of Horus" (the only probe capable of warning us of the coming "war"), is struck down when Horus -- as Mars -- is in the clutches of Set (Taurus). It is held off-line until the literal moment that Horus, transformed into the Sun when it crosses Leo, has left the protective boundary of his home constellation.

hakarte.jpg (9266 bytes)

But why would NASA (or, more accurately, some fanatical "elite" in NASA) do this? If there is a danger from a comet in the Taurid stream, why would the engineers and scientists stay silent and participate in a ritualistic cover up of such extraordinary data?

Perhaps because the few who truly "know" are simple religious fanatics. The impact of this kind of fundamentalism can be seen every day around the world. In Ireland, in Israel and Palestine, even in Egypt itself, where the Coptic Christians, direct descendants of the original inhabitants of the Nile valley, are being persecuted and murdered. We are not immune here in the United States either. Someone who believed he was acting in god's name recently murdered a doctor who performed abortions. Despite the pleas of the victim's family, activist groups here exploited the recent beating death of a young man in Wyoming to promote laws that would make it a crime to call someone a nasty name. It is against this backdrop that we must judge the actions of an elite few ... and their increasingly obvious monomaniacal obsession for Egypt's ancient gods.

We have for some time been gathering evidence of the true history of NASA and its hierarchy. Most of this the world is not yet ready to hear. But by tracing the dozens of celestial alignments on mission after mission, and firmly establishing that these constant offerings to "the gods of ancient Egypt" cannot be coincidence, we can see that there is a broader agenda at work here. Against a backdrop of other world events, that this agenda seems to act out a strange and frightening religious ritual (in the heart of a supposedly "scientific" agency) should not be so shocking or surprising. It is even possible that they believe, as did the sniper and the proponents of "hate crime" laws, the bombers of the World Trade Center and even the architects of the Holocaust, that they are doing their gods' work. What was it that President Clinton said back on August 17th? "This is between me, my wife, and our god."

The answer again lies in the ancient, "sacred" texts.

The Biblical story of Armageddon projects a final battle between good and evil, as represented by Christ and the "Beast," or antichrist. It tells us that this final war will devastate the planet, but that Christ will triumph and return to Earth and rule in peace and enlightenment for a thousand years. The story of Osiris and Set is essentially the same. Horus, the son of the god Osiris, comes to Earth to do battle with Set, the embodiment of evil. It tells of a future war which will decide the path of mankind and restore Osiris to his earthly kingdom.The point in either case is that you need to start the final war in order to bring about the "spiritual transformation" of the human race.

What we have here, is a clear cut case. We have motive (the Final War), means (the Hyperships), and opportunity (the summer passage through the Taurid stream). It is our conclusion then that SOHO was deliberately deactivated to disguise the passage of an incoming comet, most probably pushed from its "32 year" position into an accelerated course that will bring it into collision with the Earth during next summers Taurid passage - June, 1999.

It is critical here, after climbing out on such a breezy limb, to emphasize that there is a completely secular, non conspiratorial reason to be concerned about SOHO's troubles and our own vulnerability. As Hancock concluded in his recent book and many eminent scientists have laid out, we are in very real danger. Even if you believe that we are all wet and that SOHO merely had a very coincidental unfortunate accident, the fact is that we lost a critically important opportunity to view the Taurid stream. With so many astronomers now ascribing to the catastrophic model of human and geologic history, such opportunities are all important. While many, Clube included, do not agree with the 2030 date, they also concede that they simply don't know when we will be hit. Cratering history demonstrates that we cannot avoid fire from the sky for very long, and in fact we are well overdue for a big hit. At the moment we are doing virtually nothing about this inevitable confrontation. This means that as early as this week - on November 6th, 1998 - civilization could face a planet-wide catastrophe!

Another scenario is a single or multiple "Tunguska" level event.

Recent studies have shown that approximately 300 million years ago, a chain of impacts stretched through the Missouri valley and into Kansas. A single "Tunguska" in the heartland of America would certainly be disruptive to food supplies and a danger to human life. But a repeat of the 300 MYA impact would certainly obliterate the cities of Kansas City and St. Louis, and perhaps set fire to millions of acres of crops crucial to the worlds food supply. It would be conservative to estimate the starvation of at least a billion people worldwide in the following winter, perhaps many tens of millions here in our own country. And that is to say nothing of what may happen the following June 24th.

Miss_chain.gif (49335 bytes)
Crater chain across Missouri

Lest you think that too improbable, you should be aware that during last summers Taurid passage, two meteorites struck ground. One was in Nashville, the other in the former Russian republic of Turkmenistan. What these two sites have in common with each other and with the 300 MYA event is that they all straddle 40 North latitude, give or take a couple degrees. If there is a tendency for impactors to focus on this latitude, for whatever reason, the the above scenario is chillingly closer to reality.

ap_shuttle_launch_c.jpg (10752 bytes) Against a backdrop of such clear and present danger, NASA seems content to engage in symbolic PR stunts while ignoring the threat. In 1997, they spent only $1 million on finding Earth crossing objects. That is 1/500th the amount spent to send 33 Mason John Glenn into orbit to supposedly study the effects of space travel on the elderly. It is 1/1000th the amount spent to send the Hubble space telescope, a superb "comet finder" if there ever was one, up to look at galaxies some 15 billion light years distant.

HST-SM.gif (34814 bytes)

Hancock and his co-author's admit they find NASA's lack of response to the recent data "baffling." But, it is baffling only if you assume that NASA is exactly what it appears to be, a civilian science agency committed only to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and enlightenment of the human race. But, if you adopt the secrecy model, even a benign one that assumes they are keeping quiet only to save us from the chaos of a certain doom, their actions make perfect sense. If there is indeed a cabal, a tiny priesthood of anointed ones that view the majority of the human race as "useless eaters" (Henry Kissinger's term), then keeping quiet about an upcoming "K-T event" would be precisely in their best interests. While a massive comet approaches, you can make preparations without the disruption and panic an announcement would cause. Indeed, it has recently become NASA policy to withhold any announcement of a possible collision, no matter how far out into the future, for at least 72 hours. Some scientists even suggested that such information be withheld entirely, especially if the discovery was made "too late" (less than 1 year) to do anything about it.

In the last chapter of his book, Hancock acknowledges that despite his desire to believe NASA is just making an honest mistake, he cannot shake the impression of something darker at work. He reminds us that while the Bible and the Gnostic texts of early first millennium AD Egypt agree on the reality of a global flood (caused by impactors, almost certainly), they differ as to the spiritual reason for the catastrophe. While the Bible takes the view that man had risen to a level too close to God and was being punished for his impudence, the Gnostic version asserts that man had reached a level of civilization and enlightenment that made him the enemy of forces of darkness, and was attacked to set him back in his quest for ultimate truth.

It was with all this in mind that we evaluated this past weeks symbolic events around the return of John Glenn to space. We have all seen the plethora of TV specials, news reports and almost unprecedented live coverage of the launch, most of which amounted to free network time for the NASA PR machine. There were precious few hard questions about the value of Glenn's mission, and even NASA mouthpiece's like James Oberg admitted that it was mostly symbolic.

ho_jim_oberg_chat.jpg (2352 bytes)

On ABC, Oberg spoke of the end of an era, the dawning of a "new age" of exploration for NASA, which of course will ultimately take us to Mars. He called this the "completion of a cycle," a crucial event for NASA's future, as we launch many more elderly American's into space and make room for private citizens to reach the heavens.

What was completely ignored was the true reason for Glenn's urgently needed "closure" of the cycle. When he went into space that first time back in 1962 -- February 20, 1962 at precisely 9:47 AM EST to be exact -- he set into motion a series of events that may ultimately reach their fruition this week. You see, what John Glenn was doing then and now had nothing to do with the cold war or studying the effects of aging on astronauts -- and everything to do with Comet Encke and the fearsome Taurid meteor stream.

Glenn62.gif (10055 bytes)

When he was launched in 1962, 33 Mason John Glenn could have looked skyward from the Cape and spied Comet Encke, ceremonially acknowledging his voyage from 33 above the horizon. That is, if only Horus, the Sun, was not literally right on top of the comet's position blotting it out with brilliant sunlight.

It is well established that many of the astronauts, including Alan B. Shepard and Edwin Aldrin, were also Masons.What is not commonly known is that most of the NASA hierarchy, especially at the time of Mercury, were also members of this secretive organization. In fact, Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, the son of C. Fred Klienknecht, who was the Soverign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasons, Southern Jurisdiction for the United States of America, (basically the big cheese) was selected in 1959 as one of two "single points-of-contact" between NASA and the DOD. In this role, he was able to monitor information that travelled back and forth between project Mercury and DOD.With a lengthy history as an engineer in a variety of black programs in the fifties, he was ideally suited for this role. He went on to become a "technical assistant" to Mercury program director Robert Gilruth in 1960, and became project manager for Mercury on January 15th, 1962. If there was a plan for the Masons to place "their" men at the highest levels of the space program, it could not have been more successful.

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And then there is the little matter of the program's logo  ... a stylized Egyptian Ankh!

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Given what we now know, these extraordinary "coincidences" flatly cannot be that. We fully expected to be confirmed in our suspicions when Glenn left us for his second and final leg of the extraordinary journey he began 36 years ago. We were.

GLENN-LAUNCH.gif (6326 bytes) We knew the launch could not take place at 2:00 PM as announced.The stars plainly were not right. But at 2:05, an amazing series of celestial alignments was taking place around the globe. At the Cape, we would have found Encke dead on the horizon (symbolic of her progeny's descent to Earth?), and Orion's belt would have also been on the horizon, but rising at Giza (symbolic of Osiris' rise back to prominence?).We anticipated a hold and got one at 1:50 PM. When the count resumed, we were right on target until an astounding thing happened -- someone flew into the shuttle's air space. Giza-Glenn.gif (8476 bytes)

Whoever they were, we can only assume they had no idea they were intervening in one of the most meticulously crafted stellar events in history. Or maybe they did. Perhaps this was yet another symbolic occurrence, pointing to the planners at NASA that their well devised scheme's can still go awry.

Whatever the meaning, the effect was to push the launch back to 2:19, EST. By then the celestial bodies had moved on their courses, and there was very little of significance left occurring at any of the major Earthly "temples"  - except for the Apollo 11 lunar landing site. Had you been standing next to the descent stage of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, where Armstrong and Aldrin held their "communion ceremony" 33 minutes after landing just as Isis (Sirius) was rising to 19.5 back in1969, you would have seen Osiris (Orion) on the horizon -- signifying a transition to the next world. There were also numerous "minor" alignments at various locations.

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And then things began to get weird.

Later in the day on the 29th, a story began to break concerning a possible "SETI hit" by a private amateur radio astronomer. Paul Dore, a veteran of the British military industrial complex, reported the signal. After an initial report of a "Halloween hoax" (later disputed by the Dore), it became obvious that something strange was going on. There were reports of confirmation from a German team, and then another amateur astronomer in the U.K. Efflesberg in Germany was quick to deny they had been searching for the signal, but did admit (after press reports their astronomers were in London) that some of their staff was "abroad."

Then the Harvard Project BETA, which had been updating its web site every ten minutes with real time data, suddenly went dark after uploading an image indicating they were looking in the direction of the purported signal. Harvard SETI officials have denied finding anything, either on their current search or when they previously examined EQ Pegasi in September. At the same time, they admitted to some "anomalies" in the data. Maybe in light of current events you should consider releasing the raw data, guys?

That same evening, TEM principal investigator Richard Hoagland went on the Art Bell Radio program to discuss the reports.  He argued that the signal was most likely not coming from EQ Pegasi, but rather from a point in space nearby, perhaps as close as ten billion miles out. He predicted that the signal was in fact coming from a "probe" that would soon begin to decelerate. Only two days later a Japanese amateur astronomer reported picking up the signal and indicated that it was indeed slowing down. Based on inside "Pentagon sources", Hoagland also expected a landing in the American Southwest on or about December 7th.

It is interesting to note that if the object is in fact in motion, it was initially picked up at 1453 MHz. If it is transmitting on the "Hydrogen frequency", then when it comes to rest at it will be pinging at 1420 MHz. That's a difference of -- 33 MHz!

Oh, and at the rate the signal is "decelerating"  -- about 1 to 1.7 MHz per day -- it should reach that "motionless" state -- about the first week of  December.

Further confirmation has come from a TEM source, Dr. Jim Warwick. Warwick was the Planetary Radio Astronomy Principal Investigator for the Voyager program. In an e-mail to Hoagland, he stated:

"My reaction, after looking at the data you posted from the Japanese amateur (I wasn't able to view the gif file from Dore), is that it is definitely an artificial signal, probably from a nearby source. "Definitely" refers to the sharpness and stability of the signal, even as it drifts in frequency; "nearby" refers to the fact that it is extremely stable in amplitude, therefore not subject to interstellar or interplanetary scintillations like the distant natural sources we observe (i.e., Jupiter's decametric emissions or pulsars)."

Besides the obvious connections, SETI literally being translated as "Set's eye", there are the not so obvious connections. Project BETA had its origins at NASA, and moved into a privately funded effort led by the Planetary Society, the organization founded by Carl Sagan. Louis Freedman, the society's current Executive Director, may be remembered as the "scientist" who hid behind a stack of papers rather than look at an image of the "Face on Mars."

And of course, the star from which the signal was supposedly originating, EQ Pegasi, was in the constellation Pegasus. And Pegasus just happens to take its name from a sacred Egyptian spring which hosts the oldest known temple to -- Osiris. The legend of Pegasus also speaks of the winged horse as a vehicle of ascension to the stars -- literally giving its riders passage to a higher dimension and immortality.

Given the coordinates of this apparent signal, we are now predicting that if confirmed, it will ultimately be found to be coming from Right Ascension of 22 30' and a Declination of 19 28'. Which works out to be the exact Cydonia, Giza, Stonehenge, etc, e/pi ratio symbolic of dimensional gateways.

As things stand of this writing, a major press conference is scheduled for Wednesday in London. Nathan Keys of the London Based newspaper Sun, reports that the conference will be held under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union and the British Astronomical Association. Hardly the type of people to be involved in a hoax. It should be an interesting week ...

[NOTE: 12/13/98 11:38 AM - SET-I's Seth (that's a variation of SET, by the way) Shostak has addressed these issues on the SET-I Institute web site. While he continues to insist that "None of the professional efforts made to find this reputed signal, including those of the SETI Institute , have confirmed its existence" (which is not supported by the data gathered by the ATCA), he does not state flatly that there is not a signal. There are the usual platitudes about how open and honest SET-I is, but this is not borne out by the fact that the ATCA spent only 10 seconds even looking at the signal, which they then dismissed without any effort to confirm its position or identity.

It has not escaped us that by raising these issues, we may be contributing to the darkness. Fear generally leads to panic and chaos, and the threat we face is fearful indeed. The problem is something akin to the proverbial smelling of smoke in a darkened theater. It might be a fire, but it could just be a cigarette or overcooked popcorn from the lobby. If you raise the alarm, the resulting crush could cost lives. But if you wait to be sure, the flames could envelope many more, including yourself. Ultimately, the reality of the danger is as close as next week. There are many steps we could now take to alleviate not only the fear of the unknown, but the threat itself. So we must call for these actions immediately:

  • Force "Deep Black Technologies" into the open -- allowing immediate use of existing "Hyperdimensional, electro-gravitic vehicles" to find and move November 6th "rock" (if there is one).

Mexico4b.jpg (64575 bytes)

Three views of a possible "terrestrial" Hypership over Mexico City (At 19.5 N latitude)?

  • The Hubble space telescope should be immediately diverted from its current tasks to begin a full time search and cataloging of Earth crossing objects.The search should start with the portion of the Taurid stream to be crossed in November, 1998,   followed by the portion to be crossed beginning June 24th, 1999.
  • All Earth based telescopes funded by US government dollars, including military assets, should be diverted to such an effort.
  • The general public should be enlisted to assist in the search through the use of amateur astronomers. Current cataloging databases should be expanded and staffed as necessary to handle the additional data load. All observatories, including military assets, shall be required to make data available in real-time over the Internet.
  • Construction of additional Earth based and space based telescopes specifically designed to meet the task should begin immediately.
  • The administration and oversight of the project should be independent of NASA. An oversight committee of private citizens and scientists should run the project, with funding to come in block grants for periods of at least five years. NASA shall have no power to appoint, recommend or remove members of the committee or staff at the observatories.

It should be emphasized that these are the minimum solutions that must be implemented without delay. As to the conspiracy, TEM sources in the Pentagon have confirmed that there are "exotic Hyperships and the like," secret budgets and extraordinary facilities that must be broken open now.

If we in fact posses Hypership technology, then it will be a simple matter to meet any approaching object and deflect it. Those who posses this technology must either come forward willingly to assist in this effort or be forced into the open by congressional and public pressure. If we are to avert this possible disaster then we must have access to the best weapons in our arsenal now, without regard to prior commitments or Top Secret classifications.

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Unless ... someone wants disaster, and has quietly been planning for "success."

There is a lot to digest here. It is one thing to allude to vague conspiracies, but quite another to name names and point to specific actions that may have dire consequences for humanity in the very near future. Even if we are flatly wrong and absolutely nothing happens in November 1998 or June 1999, we must face the fact that comets are still coming. We have the knowledge, technology and incentive to act to save our planet. We have just lacked the will, the vision to face our fears.

We must, as we were admonished by the ads for last summers "X-files" movie (which debuted 33 days after the last episode of the season in mid-day June the 19th) ...

  ... Fight the Future. At least -- "their" vision of that Future.

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