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Galaxy 5 Y2K Testing???

From CAUS Update Mailing List:

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 21:07:38 EST
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: [CAUS updates] - CAUS ALERT--Galaxy5 and November 17th--The Plot Thickens

Dear CAUS Subscribers:

CAUS thanks Ted Loder (Ph.D.) for sending us this report:

The below response is again from the same man as the other,( y2k and Galaxy satellite) ,THIS IS NOT A JOKE , This man is very trustworthy and works very, very close on many top secret projects, a few of you will know of whom this man is if you know me fairly well. Randy Hartge


Hi Randy,

Subject: y2k and Galaxy 5 satellite

A man that I personally know which is on the "Year 2000 Team" for a large manufacturing company that has 8 plants in the U.S. has personally told me many-many things about the year 2000 situation. None of them sound good. He just told me today , in person, that there will be a year 2000 test done on Galaxy 5 sattelite on this November 17, 1998.

Galaxy 5 sattelite runs 40% of the telephone communications, 50% of the television sattelite feeds, and 30% of the communications for the banks. He told me in person that this sattelite is expected to have a 90% chance of total failure and will never commuinicate again. He also told me that if a failure does happen, the government will blame this faIure on the Leonid meteor shower,which is to happen on that same day, instead of the real truth that the year 2000 test caused the failure. The government has this planned on that date so in case of the failure of Galaxy 5 because of the year 2000 tests situation, the citizens will never know until it is to late that it really was the year 2000 problem. They are very worried that if they told the truth that the year 2000 test really caused the failure, the truth would cause a major awakening of the citizens about year 2000 and that would cause a run on the banks and also would cause massive chaos at the grocery stores.