John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

Part II, Page 11
By Richard C. Hoagland

Well, imagine no longer -- because Apollo 11's landing at "Tranquillity Base," at 8:17:42 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), July 20, 1969, occurred exactly as we've just described!

Well, not "exactly" . . .

According to official NASA documents, Neil Armstrong took over manual control and "flew" the lunar module "Eagle" 5 miles beyond (further west of) the intended landing site, supposedly because of "rocks." The result was that Sirius, rising over the Tranquillity Base horizon, was delayed (from the actual time of Landing) in reaching that 19.5 degrees of elevation until precisely 33 minutes after Lunar Touchdown . . .

At which time Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, according to his own words (see above, "Men From Earth: Buzz Aldrin's Personal Odyssey,"Aldrin and McConnell, 1989), broke out a vial of wine and a small silver chalice he'd brought with him, and he and Neil Armstrong -- with Sirius ("Isis") now gleaming precisely 19.5 degrees above the airless eastern horizon (see below) -- celebrated a remarkable, very private ceremony on the Moon.


Was this "small religious offering" (as Aldrin himself later would describe it), in fact, officially planned and carried out as an extraordinary, millennial-long quiet acknowledgment to "Isis" -- fabled consort of Osiris -- as "she" hovered. . . as the brilliant Sirius . . . above the airless Moon, at that "all-too-coincidental" 19.5 degrees?

As she has hovered so patiently above a million other dawn horizons . . . in a very distant, desert land?

Future installments in this continuing "Enterprise" investigation will explore added dimensions of this remarkable "Osiris pattern" -- as it reached out in 1976 . . . to Mars itself; they will probe the sudden appearance within NASA of "a mysterious Egyptian" -- Farouk El Baz -- a man the astronauts came to call "the King. " And it will chronicle his enigmatic rise to impact key "site selections" of the actual Apollo missions to the Moon . . . as well as Viking's future Mars missions.

And -- these new chapters will attempt to answer the overriding Question: "Who in and out of NASA' has known what' . . . for how long' . . . and beginning when' . . . in this extraordinary saga?"

Is Dr. Zare's extraordinary comment . . . about all of us somehow being "Martians" . . . in fact, only a veiled reflection of just how much "they've" truly known . . . all along?

Stay tuned.

(To be Continued...)