John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

Part II, Page 9
By Richard C. Hoagland

The initial answer is quite simple:

"Apollo" is "Orion" -- if one examines in detail Greek mythological literature, and its derivations from the earlier Egyptian (see "The Sirius Mystery," Temple, 1976). Thus, it turns out that the 20 billion dollar, 1960's NASA manned Apollo exploration program of the Moon was in fact nothing less than an official "Osiris NASA Lunar Landing Program"--

Straight out of ancient Egypt.

Which doesn't make the selection of the solar mythology -- to represent a lunar mission -- any less mysterious. And, even then, why didn't NASA openly call the Lunar Program by its earlier, Egyptian designation: "Osiris?" Why "hide" the underlying Egyptian "persona" under a Greek designation . . . only to "reveal" its true identity within the official Program logo . . ?

Normally, such arcane details would be of interest only to a few historical "obsessives"; however, there now appears to lurk behind this deliberately bland "insignia confusion" a far more inexplicable, but intensely meaningful "agenda" . . . until now, completely unstated, if not deliberately and deeply hidden -- not only from the American people . . . but from 99% of NASA!

For "Enterprise" has now uncovered compelling, stunning evidence that the extraordinarily complex and expensive (~250 million $) mission planning for each "Osiris/Orion/Apollo" Lunar Mission -- from the first circumlunar flight of "Apollo 8," in December 21, 1968, to the successful conclusion of the last manned lunar mission of "Apollo 17," on December 19, 1972, and with it, the entire Apollo Lunar program -- far from being merely "represented" by this "interesting" Egyptian mythological connection--

Was in fact--

Completely controlled by, and designed around, this crucial "Orion" symbolism . . .

A bizarre mission "top priority" that now demands -- in the context of growing evidence of deliberate NASA coverups of key Apollo discoveries upon the Moon -- a detailed, official Presidential and Congressional investigation . . .