John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

Part II, Page 6
By Richard C. Hoagland

Based on this crucially important, repeating and converging "Orion/Leo/Sirius Connection" for the Sphinx and its associated Giza Pyramids, Bauval and his new co-author, Graham Hancock (see, "The Keeper of Genesis," Bauval and Hancock, 1996), have now advanced a major new interpretation of key sections of the 5th Dynasty, Old Kingdom "Pyramid Texts"; these ancient, written records (based on much older, pre-historic oral traditions) repeatedly cite Orion ("Osiris") and its surrounding celestial regions ("the Duat") as the crucial linking symbol for not only the Giza Plateau structures (see above, right), but for other pyramids built along the Nile -- echoing on Earth, in limestone, the most fundamental Egyptian religious and mythological traditions apparent in the sky; other Texts reinforce an equally strong "leonide connection" -- indicating that the "celestial lion," Leo (according to Bauval, the precise skyborn counterpart of the enigmatic Sphinx on Earth -- see below), was also part of this comprehensive (though still profoundly mysterious) celestial mythology.

Bauval and Hancock's new interpretations also take seriously, for the first time, repeated, emphatic references (found within the Texts -- see below), linking this Pyramid/Orion/Sirius/ Sphinx/Leo Connection to a literal "First Time" -- the enigmatic, dramatic, apparently catastrophic end... circa 10,500 BC... of a mysterious, pre-Egyptian, potentially "high-tech" global terrestrial civilization (known later, through Plato's own Egyptian sources, only as "Atlantis"). An extremely ancient civilization, with equally mysterious "extraterrestrial" connections (identified within the Texts)... still apparently echoed in the surviving celestial identifications with particular "key" regions of the sky.

This new data reinforces earlier interpretations, by myriad additional researchers (see Ship's Library and Ship's Stores), of increasing world-wide evidence for the existence of a pre-Egyptian, remarkably sophisticated, truly global culture... which flourished long before current "mainstream" archaeological interpretations... and which in some manner ended abruptly about 12,500 years ago.

Which brings us to the surprising connection of this diverse, terrestrial research to the on-going, 14-year, extraterrestrial "Enterprise" Investigation.