John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

Part II, Page 4
By Richard C. Hoagland

In the same 1992 U. N. presentation, Hoagland went on to demonstrate an additional level to this remarkable "Earth/ Mars connection": that the right half of the infamous "Face on Mars" -- like the Sphinx in Egypt, to which it is now mathematically connected (see below) -- also has a "feline" side. This remarkable symbolic parallel to the Great Sphinx of Egypt thus completes the "terrestrial connection" to Cydonia -- via the same, haunting "hominid/feline symbolism" evident in the "Face's" famed terrestrial counterpart on Earth.

Returning to Egypt:

In 1994, civil engineer Robert Bauval (see, "The Orion Mystery," Bauval & Gilbert, 1994), demonstrated a remarkable geometric linkage between the relative layout of the three major pyramids at Giza to each other, and the celestial geometry of the "Belt Stars" in the brilliant constellation of Orion (see below) -- all relative to the Milky Way itself (represented by the Nile)...
An additional surprise: this reconstructed "Orion Pyramid Geometry" coincided with the Galaxy (the Nile) not when most Egyptologists believe that the Pyramids were built, in 2500 BC... but far, far earlier--

In 10,500 BC!