John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

Part II, Page 2
By Richard C. Hoagland

The enigmatic Sphinx of Egypt -- and the three mysterious pyramids around it.

During the Hoagland U. N. presentation in 1992 (see "Hoagland's Mars": the U.N. Briefing," Ship's Stores), robust mathematical and geometric linkage was presented, specifically connecting for the first time the siting of "Cydonia" on Mars (the location of the Martian "Pyramids" and "Face") with the Egyptian location of the Pyramids and Sphinx on Earth; the arctangent (.865) of the "D&M Pyramid" geodetic Martian latitude (40.87 N.) is the same (within one part in a 1000) as the cosine of the Sphinx's current latitude on Earth.

[And, if the increasingly uncertain age of the Sphinx (see, NBC's Charlton Heston /John West Special, "The Mystery of the Sphinx: the Expanded Version") is factored in via literal "continental drift," this astonishingly close latitude match is even closer . . .]