"Trust No One, Mr. Hoagland"
Part 3 of ?

"This was no boating accident!"
- Richard Dreyfus, "Jaws" - 1975

Egypt Air logo of Horus the Falcon god.

The crash of Egypt Air flight 990 out of New York in the early morning hours of October 31st, 1999 has sparked a huge amount of interest and speculation in both the general media and in relation to our "November 7th" scenario. While the early trend of the news is to point at the thrust reversers as the most likely culprit, we have uncovered a wealth of information that has led us to conclude that not only is the situation more complex than the media is willing to acknowledge, it is also far more ominous for our own circumstantial case vis--vis the 7th. In fact, the story is so flush with symbolic linkages and data anomalies that it may never be satisfactorily explained. Much like the case of TWA 800, Egypt Air 990 appears destined never to rest fully in peace. Like that storied ghost ship out of New York from three summers ago, there are just too many conflicts between what is the clear direction of the "official" investigation and the facts.

Let one of us [Mike Bara] start by relating my own expertise in this field, such as it is. I was employed by Boeing as a structural designer for more than 14 years, and worked on every major commercial (and some military) vehicle that the company produced, including the 767. I also spent some time on the 767 engine program in the Power Plant and Strut group. During my time there, I worked and communicated with many dedicated professionals who's sole interest was to make air travel safer. Never once in my time at the company did I ever see or hear of safety being compromised. In fact, just the opposite. So I have to admit that my blood boils when I see airplanes that have clearly been shot out of the sky by a missile blamed on "design flaws" or carelessness by the company.

At first glance, the in-flight deployment of one or both of the engine thrust reversers seemed a plausible explanation for the data that has been released regarding this crash. However, new radar data released by the NTSB has shown that the plane descended all the way from 33,000 feet to 17,000 feet, then climbed back up to 24,000 feet before apparently breaking apart (due to stresses, it was nearly supersonic at one point) as it attempted to turn for New York. At that point, the plane suddenly pointed straight down again and plunged into the ocean. It was almost as if the hand of God had reached out and slapped the plane down, then when it didn't "die" slapped it down again to finish the job. Almost immediately, government officials tried to impugn the data, despite the fact that it had come from the same Air Force team that had investigated TWA-800 and the JFK Jr. crashes.

What is less clear is just what may have caused this. Thrust reverser deployment would not have accounted for this sort of behavior, and in any event the thrust reverser problems alluded to in the news reports were "fail-safed" (made at least double redundant) years ago. We have suspicions as to what may have happened but for the moment what is more important to us is not so much what caused this crash (see below), but just how it happened to occur at the exact date, time and place that it did. That, as we stated above, becomes more complex when you examine all the data on the table ...

As many of you are well aware, we have been somewhat hair triggered lately to be on the lookout for any news items relating to "Egypt" --  and especially any sort of Egyptian connection to New York City. Besides the vagaries of "West Nile Virus" and the "Black Madonna" controversy that we reported on in "Will 'X' Mark the Date?," there have been some other curiosities in the news lately ... 

There was an additional Egyptian connection to New York City that we did not allude to in that article due to time constraints. Currently, at the famed New York Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met") there is a rare exhibit of Egyptian "Old Kingdom" artifacts on display outside of Egypt. Combined with all the other "Egyptian' motif" coming out of New York lately, this only added to our suspicions when we heard that an Egyptian airliner -- out of New York, no less! -- was suddenly "missing" ... precisely one week prior to our November 7th "drop dead date."

We should have known something was up when new stories about TWA 800 began to appear in the news last Saturday. These stories sought to further the ridiculous notion that this plane simply blew up in midair due to a design flaw with the plane (see Bill Donaldson's report). In retrospect, it should have been obvious that these sudden new "leaks" were calculated to put the notion of design problems in the public ear and were prepatory to yet another mysterious aviation accident in this region.

Eng. Mohammed Fahim Rayan

The first problem we had with the apparent crash of this flight was in the numbers. Many of our regular readers wrote to us and pointed out the excessive number of "19.5" and "33" coincidences related to this flight. According to an Egypt Air official, Chairman of the Board, Eng. Mohammed Fahim Rayan, live on CNN, the plane spent "nineteen and a half hours" in the United States on this particular series of flights. In fact the exact time (according to the New York Port Authority timeline) was specifically 19 hours and 47 minutes (!), the so-called "tetrahedral value" (see below) we have cited on so many occasions. The flight number 990 is of course divisible by three as 330, or 330 X 3 (33-3 anybody?) Add to that the fact that according to the Pentagon there were 33 Egyptian military officers on board, the plane was at 33,000 feet when it began its horrendous crash dive (down to just over 16,700 feet when transponder contact was finally lost), it had picked up 33 passengers in Los Angeles, it disappeared exactly 33 minutes after take off, and it had just over 33,000 flight hours -- and we of course were very interested. [Note: all of these numbers have been reported, but not necessarily confirmed at this time].

It is perhaps important here to review the significance in the overall "Egyptian/NASA/Masonic ritual" we have been tracking of these two numbers. 19.5 appears repeatedly in the ruins at Cydonia, and over and over again in the stellar alignments we have noted in the significant moments of various NASA missions. 19.5 (rounded - actually 19.471) is also significant as an expression of the circumscription of a tetrahedron by a sphere, which is the key to understanding Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland's Hyperdimensional Physics theory. (See also Hoagland and Torun's The Message of Cydonia)

33 has also appeared repeatedly in these same NASA stellar alignments, connected primarily to a variety of missions planned and executed by astronauts and agency officials of shared membership in the same fraternal secret society -- the Scottish Rite Freemasons. The 33rd degree just happens to be the highest "degree" attainable in this secret society, and is expressive of the highest levels of spiritual enlightenment and hidden knowledge. Both have at times appeared in connection with other events political and newsworthy, but have been most commonly obvious within the planning and execution of NASA missions (i.e. when Mars Pathfinder landed at 19.5 N lat by 33.7 W long on July 4th, 1997).

This "19.5" and "33" ritual pattern has recently been confirmed in a soon to be published research paper by ">Mary Weaver, an electrical engineer and data analyst who took on this task for us here at Enterprise.

What we have never really discussed is that both of these numbers are essentially "tetrahedral," and locked together inextricably by the expression of their mathematical constants. The sine of 19.471 is .3333, so in essence it can be said that both numbers, when expressed in degrees, point back to tetrahedral geometry. To find a convergence of several 19.5's and 33's within a specific narrative, like the supposed crash of an Egyptian aircraft (both the ruins at Cydonia and the Scottish Rite have symbolic and numerical linkages to the traditions of ancient Egypt) is (to us) a relatively sure indication that we are dealing with --

A specifically manufactured event.

As the planes itinerary became public in the hours after the crash, a number of red flags were raised. After taking on passengers in Los Angeles, AP reported that Egyptian television and Egypt Air officials had reported that the plane had landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

The CNN reporters, covering what was at the time merely an "aircraft disappearance," noted how unusual it would be for a civilian airliner -- and a foreign airliner, at that! -- to land at an American military base. Then, shortly after 6:00 AM EST, CNN independently confirmed this bizarre twist. Immediately, US Government officials moved to squelch the Edwards aspect of the story; by 10:16 AM EST, Reuters was reporting that FAA officials were trying very hard to shoot down (pun intended) the idea that the plane had ever landed at Edwards. "This Edwards story has got to stop. This plane didn't go into Edwards!" FAA spokesman Bruce Nelson in Los Angeles insisted. 

No subsequent attempt has been made to explain why Egypt Air officials would lie about such a thing, and certainly the airline would be in a better position to know the itinerary for their own plane than FAA would. It is possible that FAA spokesman were simply wrong because they were operating from the filed flight plan as opposed to the actual itinerary that airline officials were using. However, we smelled a rat.

A quick examination of the airplanes official itinerary gives us a possible answer. According to the itinerary, the plane left Los Angeles some 4 hours later than it should have: 4:30 PM PDT, as opposed to 12:30 PM PDT. This has been attributed in news reports to "maintenance issues," but that is surely enough time to make a quick trip to Edwards and back (about 15 minutes flight time each way). It is also possible that the plane could have left LAX at 4:30 PM PDT, made a stop at Edwards and still made it to New York by it's 12:48 AM EDT arrival time. They would have had to haul it, but with a tail wind it is more than doable. 

The news organizations and official reports are also at odds with each other on another key issue. According to NTSB and FAA officials, there was NO distress signal from the plane. However, just as with the story of a "mysterious landing at Edwards," Egypt Air officials contradict the newly  whitewashed "official" version of these events. According to Egypt Air, a distress signal was heard from the aircraft. 

Moreover, the surprising new radar data -- indicating that the crew somehow managed to regain control of that aircraft, even after its extraordinary dive, and even somehow got it to climb, from ~17,000 feet to 24,000 feet -- makes the idea of "no time for a Mayday" in this timeframe even more ridiculous. The ground-based radar-indicated turn at 24,000, just before the aircraft's final, fatal plunge, at least circumstantially, indicates that the crew HAD contacted the New York Center, and (logically!) HAD requested clearance to turn back to JFK! Then, "something" -- this time, catastrophically -- apparently once again intervened (see below) ... this time sealing Flight 990's doom ... of course, government officials are now trying to attack the validity of the radar data (see above) as well.

Even so, several aviation experts [like Cmdr. William Donaldson (Ret.), and former Federal Aviation Administration investigator Rodney Stitch] are now expressing the obvious; that Flight 990 was downed as a result of a terrorist act. 

The explanation for these increasing "political/evidence" discrepancies is unclear, even if the possible motivation isn't.

If you are attempting to cover up an illegal activity that has made the news as this one has, it is imperative that everything about the story appear "normal" if you are going to sell a conventional explanation like mechanical failure. Obviously a foreign aircraft with military passengers landing at an American military base completely "out of order" is going to raise some eyebrows. It is possible that the contents of the distress signal may have contained some information which would put the lie to the desired conclusion. In any event, it seems that FAA and NTSB officials engaged in a full court press Sunday morning to ensure that both the Edwards story and the distress signal story were suppressed.

Then from Oslo, Norway, where he was to meet the next day with President Clinton and other major leaders from the Middle East, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarek quickly denounced the idea that the plane may have gone down in an act of terrorism. It is hard to understand how a politician, thousands of miles from the scene, and before any investigation had even been launched (!), could have such in-depth knowledge of counter-terrorism and airframe engineering, but Mubarek was adamant that this tragedy would ultimately turn out to be due to "a mechanical flaw." 

Now we can hardly expect the purveyors of "nit-witness news," like CNN's highly disappointing replacement for the sorely missed John Holliman, Miles O'Brien, to appreciate the esoteric aspects of "tetrahedral numbers." But what we find unfathomable is his (and his colleagues at the other networks) complete disinterest in the various conflicting mainstream aspects of this story. Not only did network and wire service news coverage not even bother to question the basis for Mubarek's hasty comments, they have not addressed in any meaningful way the discrepancies between the Egypt Air officials and the official US government versions of events. Nor, now, the increasing contradictions between the various U.S. agencies themselves -- NTSB, USAF, and New York's Port Authority. Instead, they have simply chosen to ignore them.

We seem to be witnessing a literal (if, until now, well hidden) War -- between Mayor Giuliani and the Port Authority on one side, and the NTSB on the other (the specifics of which we will address below) -- now apparently joined in contradiction by the United States Air Force itself! Yet, the general media are obviously deliberately avoiding saying anything about these contradictions. It seems to us that "someone" is trying very hard to place an air of normalcy around this "accident," when the actual environment seems to be anything but.

An even bigger abrogation of their journalistic duty is the failure to even consider a quite obvious motivation for a terrorist act against Egypt...

Operation "Bright Star!"

"Bright Star," for those of you that are symbolically challenged, is named for the brightest star in the sky  -- Sirius -- the celestial equivalent of the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Think of it as "Operation Sirius" or "Operation Isis." During this massive military exercise (which ended November 2nd) involving 11 nations (with another 33 invited to observe) and huge amounts of US troops and equipment, Defense Secretary William Cohen made it clear that "Bright Star" was aimed squarely at Saddam Hussien. Libyan strongman Mohramar Khaddafi cannot have been pleased  to have such a large US contingent on his border, either. Yet not one newsman has considered aloud whether one or the both of them may have taken a measure of revenge on their Arab neighbor by downing one of their commercial planes?

We also cannot help but notice that if anything does come down on November 7th, just five days after the completion of the exercise, there would be plenty of US troops in a position to protect the "Holy Land."

Clearly, there are some unanswered questions about what happened to this flight. Just as clearly, the US news media is rushing to the  judgment that it was not a terrorist act, despite plenty of "conventional" reasons to suspect that it was.

Besides the circumstantial evidence we have amassed here, the strange events of the flight itself, the swift denial of these same events, the curious disinterest on the part of media in pursuing these issues and the stunning "death" theme of the stellar alignments (see below), what proof do we have that this plane was killed? That this was not just an "accident?"

We have a smoking gun.

Thanks to ">Charlie Plyler of Elfrad and Kent Steadman of  Cyberspace Orbit, we have been able to track the presence of Extremely Low Frequency waves at the time of the disaster. Exactly one hour before the plane left the ground at JFK (5:18 UT) a strange, fairly regular pulse began to be detected. Then a 5:43 UT, exactly one hour before the plane's last radio call to New York, a strong Electromagnetic Pulse again fired off. It was almost as if someone was range finding or rehearsing for an hour later.

Another large spike in the data occurred at 6:01. Things got fairly quiet then until 6:20 UT, right as the plane was hurtling down the runway for take off. Then at 6:49 UT, there was another big spike in this data (recorded from North Carolina) right in the midst of our symbolic nine minute window and Flight 990's death throes. The timing of this shot is coincident with the latest radar data showing the initial rapid descent of the aircraft. There is yet another pulse at 6:56 UT, when (again, according to the new radar data) the plane had recovered some 8,000 feet of altitude, and then suddenly and catastrophically began it's fatal high speed crash dive and break-up. Whatever happened up there, it left a shadow behind in Charlie's ELFRAD data.

This is exactly the sort of signature we would expect from a "Hyperdimensional Weapon," a highly sophisticated device used to either knock out the planes electronics or perhaps take control of the plane from a remote location. 

Before you dismiss this idea too quickly, you should note that "two way telemetry" has been a feature of Formula1 racing cars for the better part of this decade, and was in place in a limited way in fighter aircraft as far back as the F-4 Phantom.

In fact, the use of this "remote tweaking" of the engine and suspension settings had become so widespread that the technology was ultimately banned over fears that competing teams would crack into each others cars and wreak havoc with the opponents engine management systems or hydraulics.

This then would explain the relatively inexplicable radar data. The speeds that the plane achieved indicate not a simple 'crash dive' of a crippled aircraft, but rather a full throttle power dive almost straight down! It is as if the autopilot (or something else) deliberately dove the airplane, and then the pilots somehow recovered it ... only to have the controls literally yanked out of their hands and the death dive restored. This new data is so at odds with any kind of "normal" mechanical failure, that aviation experts (as of this morning) are now openly raising the possibility that this might have even been a suicide ... committed by the pilot.

Yet, all of this would be just slightly above the level of noise were it not for a few reliable tests of our theory. As those of you that have followed our investigations over the last few years are aware, we have what we consider a fairly sure-fire way of testing whether certain events are merely "random acts" or are somehow tied to this on-going "NASA/Masonic/Egyptian" conspiracy (see again "> Mary Anne Weaver's new paper, mathematically confirming the "ritual alignment model"). By checking the alignments of key stars (equivalent to ancient Egyptian gods) at the specific location and times of these events, we can see if the event was tied this clandestine ritualistic system.

In this case, it was.

According to the Port Authority timeline, the last radio communication from the aircraft was 1:43 AM EST. We got the coordinates of the impact zone from news stories on Sunday. With both the location of the crash and the time it is fairly easy to plug in the data to Red Shift 2 and check the stars. What we found surprised even us.

mr3-1.gif (53739 bytes)
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Comet Encke, the heart of the Taurid Meteor Stream, the central celestial object in the entire "November 7th" scenario -- was dead on the visible horizon. Even though Red Shift 2 places the comet at some 36 arc minutes (roughly one half degree) below the horizon at this critical juncture, Comet Encke would actually be optically on the Horizon because of atmospheric refraction. Even when you adjust for the altitude of the aircraft (33,000 feet) and allow for diminished refractive effects due to the thinner atmosphere, the comet would still appear to be dead on the horizon from the airplane's perspective ... due to the geometrically lowered horizon with increasing altitude.

So what role does the horizon play in this ancient ritual? To the ancient Egyptians, stellar objects on the horizon were thought to be in transition to the underworld, the abode of Osiris, God of death and resurrection. To them, the horizon symbolically represented the brief period between life and death, the ultimate dimensional evolution of the soul. This effect was even more pronounced if the object descended to the West, as the sun did daily, as the West was where Osiris specifically awaited these transitioning souls.

And of course, on this night and at this time, Encke was virtually due West.

This symbolic event, the last word from the doomed flight, opened a nine minute window in which the catastrophic events that destroyed the plane and killed all those aboard took place. By 1:52 AM EST, the plane was lost from the radar screens.

mr3-2.gif (48593 bytes)
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At that moment, across the sea in Giza, Egypt, just outside of Cairo -- the home of Egypt Air, Orion (Osiris), the god of death, judgment and resurrection, awaited these new souls on the Horizon --

-- Absolutely due West. 

It would be striking enough to find one of the belt stars of Orion on the Horizon, but to have Alnilam, the center belt star, dead on the Western horizon as this plane was literally dying is astonishing. It is probable that this brief nine minute period when the plane went down is the only time these two bodies and locations were synchronized in this way for years, decades, or even centuries!

The symbology is as undeniable as it is disturbing. An Egyptian plane with 33,000 flight hours, after spending 19.5 hours in the US, which had carried 33 passengers on the previous leg of its trip, carrying 33 Egyptian military officers at 33,000 feet 33 minutes after take off from a city absolutely drenched in Egyptian motif at the moment, dies just as Comet Encke (Taurus Meteor stream/Set - the Egyptian version of Satan) is on the Western (death) horizon (representing the spiritual evolution at the moment of death). At virtually the same moment, from the view of the Pyramids of Giza (the belt stars of Orion) Orion's (Osiris "President of the Westerners") middle belt star is dead on the horizon (representing the spiritual evolution at the moment of death) due West (death). 

What makes this even more unnerving -- in the scenario that all these events connected to Comet Encke have been carefully planned -- are the equally "coincidental" orbital parameters of Encke itself.

This particular Comet, with the shortest period of any comet known, follows a highly elliptical path around the Sun as all other comets do ... only this one, the one for whom the official JPL Comet Website is named, has a period of 3.3 years ... Even more unbelievable: its perihelion distance (closest approach) to the Sun is 0.33 of the Earth's distance, or, ~ 33  million miles!

The implications of these additional Encke "33 coincidences," added to the already "impossible" string of "19.5" and "33s" associated with Flight 990 itself, are profound. Because, of course, Encke is supposed to be a "natural" object ... yet, whose very orbit now is somehow echoing the same, precise tetrahedral geometry of the Egyptian ritual itself!

And that's, of course, impossible.

As we have come to expect, the weirdness of this story hardly ends there.

Adding to the bizarre "ritual Egyptian fingerprints" that are literally now  all over this disaster, is the unique "Egyptian persona" of the doomed  aircraft itself. 

Known to Boeing merely as another "767-300," and now to the world as "the  ill-fated Egypt Air Flight 990," to the Egyptians, long before this tragedy,  this particular 767 had its own unique cultural identity: the plane was  specifically and carefully named after perhaps the greatest of all Egyptian  Pharaohs, reigning in the Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom (1504-1450  BC), "Thothmosis III." 

On this 767 that night, 33,000 feet above the moonlit Atlantic, his Royal  Titulary -- Thothmosis III's Royal Name, after the Egyptian god of  "Knowledge," Thoth -- was proudly emblazoned on its fuselage, beneath the  cockpit windows, as it had been on a thousand flights before ... 

Acknowledged by many historians as Egypt's "greatest and most powerful ruler," and even called by some "The Napoleon of Antiquity," Thothmosis III presided  over Egypt's greatest period of foreign expansion in its entire  3000-year-long history. Born of a lesser wife, Isis (!), to his father,  Thothmosis II, according to Egyptologist Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, writing in  "The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality" (Lawrence Hill Press,  Chicago, 1974):

"... [During his reign, Thothmossis III] overpowered all the States of  Western Asia and the islands of the Eastern Mediterranean, reducing them to  the status of vassals compelled to pay annual tribute. This was the case with  Mitanni ... Babylonia, Cilicia, the Hittite State, Cyprus, Crete, etc. Syria  and Palestine were simply integrated into the Egyptian Kingdom ... In any  case [under Thothmosis III], Egypt was then the foremost technical, military,  and imperial power in the world ..."

As part of Thothmosis III's royal pharonic legacy, like his esteemed  predecessors and successors, one of his expected duties was to embark upon a  series of major public works at home. Among the Egyptian monuments  specifically dedicated to Thothmosis III's eternal name, history records the  ironic saga of "four huge granite obelisks" constructed to his fame;  through the subsequent vagaries of history, these intended eternal celebrations of Thothmosis III's imperial Egyptian reign ultimately wound up  in cities far from Egypt... 


New York

Two of these monuments -- measuring over a hundred feet in height -- were  eventually hauled out of Egypt a few hundred years before the birth of  Christ, and re-erected in what would soon become the two religious "poles" of  ancient Christendom -- Rome and Constantinople. 

Then, in the late 1800's, three thousand years after they were dedicated in  his name, Thothmosis III's two "lesser" obelisks -- each a "twin" some 65  feet in height and popularly known by the completely erroneous designation, "Cleopatra's Needles" (she ruled almost 1500 years after Thothmosis III!) --  were ultimately given to the cities of London and New York, by the (then)  Moslem ruler of Cairo. There, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, they were ceremoniously re-erected about a hundred years ago with full Masonic rites ...  curious reenactments, in the "western" world, of their former life in Egypt.

So, in an "ancient Egyptian" sense, this modern version of the ancient  obelisk, the Boeing 767 -- Flight 990, the plane that carried his Royal Name  -- became for all modern Egyptians what Thothmosis III's long-dispersed  obelisks alone were never able to obtain ... the long sought-for  "immortality" of "Thothmosis III!" 

Until ... at 1:43 AM EST, on October 31, "something" deliberately killed  Thothmosis III's "own" plane! 

And, in the most insidious "coincidence" of all, it turns out that it was  none other than Thothmosis III himself who, as part of his aggressive  "Asiatic campaigns" ~3000 years ago, led the infamous siege of an otherwise  unprepossessing "crossroads town" in ancient Palestine. A town that, once  taken by the Eighteenth Dynasty's Pharaoh's massed war chariots and 700,000  marching men-at-arms, would live on in Historic Immortality itself ...

As the New Testament namesake for "the end of Everything" -- "Megiddo" ...  Armageddon!

For Thothmosis III is none other than the famed "Pharaoh of Armageddon" ...  whose Twentieth Century symbolic airplane was being viciously and  ceremonially killed, it's passengers and crew deliberately and cruelly  sacrificed ... even as the Nation's major news presses were printing pre-dawn  front page stories that same Sunday morning, on a just-announced, FBI  counter-terrorism operation called ... 

"Project Megiddo!" 

While, mere hours after Thothmosis III was "killed," the President of the  United States ("President of the Westerners") and major leaders from  "Palestine" itself, would meet in Oslo, Norway, to ostensibly discuss ways to artfully avoid fulfilling "Armageddon" ...

And all this CANNOT be just mere "coincidence!" 

It is this final, direct link to Thothmosis III  which ties the Egypt Air fight to the November 7th date. To have the literal "Pharaoh of Armageddon" ritually sacrificed as Set "The bringer of Chaos" watched from the death position on the Horizon (in the personage of Comet Encke -- through whose tail this planet will pass beginning November 6th) as Osiris (the god of death judgment and resurrection) watched from literally the same Western "death" position (in the personage of Orion) at Giza, is too much. This is the most overt, calculated, and outrageous act that this multinational cabal has ever attempted. Their complete disregard for whom may be watching and tracking their bizarre ritual killings is either a sign of the security of arrogance, or the desperation of panic.

It is this second possibility which has us the most concerned. If this was indeed a ritual sacrifice, there is really only one reason to perform such an act. Upon recognizing the signs that a great change or cataclysm is coming, one may try to "steal the magic" that is in the air for your own personal protection. By sacrificing some of your own to the angry God, Set/Encke in this case, you can appease him and perhaps have yourself spared from what ever is coming down. In addition, you might also appeal to the other gods (Osiris, Horus, Isis) by acknowledging their sacred numbers, to protect you from his onslaught. Is that what these 33 Egyptian military officers were doing on this flight? Sacrificing themselves so that their nation will be spared from -- what? The Taurid meteor stream? On November 7th? The Leonids later in the month? An object from the trail of  the newly discovered Comet Linear? A bio terror attack?

We don't know. While many signs point to something happening with the Taurid stream, we have noticed that some of our contacts seem just a bit too anxious to convince us that November 7th is "the day." Others say that yes, the problem is cometary debris, but it will be from an object in one of the other storms later in the month. 

Meanwhile, we are now convinced that the original "Millennium Group" video objects are not legitimate, that they were misinterpreted by TMG and by us until we were able to get our hands on better quality video of the eclipse (Full report to follow). So if our original reason for looking at November 7th as an "event date" was due to trusting someone else's flawed analysis (and then being told that there were "3 objects" by our mysterious caller), doesn't that make the whole thing illegitimate? 

Not necessarily. What if we stumbled on to a "real" problem by following a false trail? Certainly, some of our contacts have indicated that they were aware of a "November problem" well before the Millennium Group's article.

So where does that leave us? The only thing we are relatively certain of is that Egypt Air 990 was "killed" in a deliberate act. It did not fall out of the sky of its own accord. The symbolic aspects of this ritual murder all point to an "Armageddon problem," and probably sooner rather than later. Do the purveyors of this "Armageddon script," which is draped all over this crash, know something that we don't?

Again, we do not know. All we can do is watch, and wait, and hope for the best ... and Trust No One.

More to come ...