A Hoax is a Hoax, of Course, of Course

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... Unless its a Hoax of a Different Color

The strange case of the EQ Pegasi "hoax" continues to get more interesting. While first denying that he had anything to with the EQ Pegasi signal reports, then claiming he was a victim of "identity theft," and then finally accusing TEM Principal Investigator Richard C. Hoagland of creating the whole thing, Paul Dore has been as elusive as the "real killers" in the OJ Simpson case. Now, thanks to some excellent detective work by David Dubowski ("> ), Dore has been exposed as the likely source of all the "hoaxed" aspects of this story.

Even including new information pointing to a possible USA source (accomplice?) as the hoaxter, Dore is now tainted as a participant rather than a victim of this sordid process.

Without going into the details already covered elsewhere, what is clear is that Dore was deeply involved in this operation from the beginning. His personal web site is littered with references to the EQ Pegasi issue, which he continues to maintain he had nothing to do with. If this is the case, why make so many references to it on his site? This is hardly the behavior of a man who wants to distance himself from the controversy. He has also shown himself to be someone with both the technical expertise and evidently the motivation to perpetrate such hoax. The question, as it has been all along, is why.

Since we have now established through the Australian Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) (at 33 S latitude) and Aricebo September observations that the signal does in fact exist, it seems Mr. Dore's elaborate distraction was designed to convince the lay public that it was all a hoax. At the same time, he and others, including the SETI community through mouthpiece Seth Shostak, have pointed visitors to their sites in the direction of The Enterprise Mission web site. Now why go to all this trouble to make sure that anyone reporting this signal will not be taken seriously, and then point interested parties to the one place on the net that has doggedly followed the story, continued to ask questions and pointed out the discrepancies in both the "official" response and the claims of the hoaxer himself?

If in fact what we are observing is a dialogue between two warring factions on the "inside," one represented by Dore, one by the NASA/SETI community, then all these "deliberate machinations" take on a whole new perspective. That Dore is himself a man with deep involvement in the British military industrial complex is without question. A man with such a background would not lightly involve himself in such a high risk (to his reputation and even his future employment) endeavor unless the stakes were rather high. The implication of this points back again to an approaching major "event," of the sort we outlined in "Oh My God" a few weeks back, or possibly even the rumored December 7th "landing" we have described. In either case, accepting the simplistic "it's just a hoax" explanation while ignoring the reality of the signal (which we may be able to confirm early next week, with our own observations) as some media outlets have done, is a disservice to the process of discovery. We will keep on this until we have all the answers.

ojmugshot.gif (10861 bytes) "I will search tirelessly for the real killers" - OJ Simpson


"I was just trying to goad the real hoaxer" - Paul Dore

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... and the manhunt continues ...


As for the rumored December 7th event, David John Oates of Reverse Speech fame has issued a statement posted on the "Sightings on the Radio" web site in which he attempts to address the question of the December 7th date and "Project Sampson." In his statement he asserts that this information did not come from an "inside source," but rather from reversals he had done on Defense Secretary William Cohen and NASA administrator Dan Goldin.

David is partially correct. TEM has always acknowledged the existence of these reversals and used them as a basis for confirming information from outside sources. Our current information about a "landing" on December 7th in the Phoenix area did in fact come from a military/intelligence source. As for how the date was first uncovered, it was known well ahead of the finding of the reversals that December 7th was a significant date based on the "ritual calendar" decoding being done by TEM researchers. So, when the reversals were discovered, it fit very neatly with scenarios already uncovered by other methods.

The December 7th scenario actually began to unfold back on April 14th, 1998. Careful observers will note this was the date that President Clinton visited the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas and not so coincidentally the date that the second set of Cydonia images was released to the public.

image6.jpg (11436 bytes) During his visit at Johnson, Clinton was given an overview of the International Space Station (ISS - Isis?) project, met with John Glenn, and spent nearly 2 unaccounted for hours in private meetings with NASA administrator Dan Goldin and other NASA brass (care to guess what pictures they were looking at?).
Clinton emerged from said meetings to give a speech in which he called for a manned mission to Mars (what else!) and even expressed his desire to go on the trip himself. Clinton's own speech was full of reversals referring to a "war" and stating "NASA feel lost with it". These are nearly identical to his State of the Union speech, which contain the same references.

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Of course, we were watching all this on NASA Select TV, and promptly pulled out our trusty copies of Red Shift 2.

clint-hou1.gif (11637 bytes)

What we found was that Clinton's remarks were exquisitely timed to coincide with Orion's passage through the 33 "Masonic" latitude over Houston. We knew at that moment that something important was being played out in Houston. clint-hou2.gif (10937 bytes)

Just prior to Clinton's speech, NASA administrator Dan Goldin had introduced the President in some lengthy remarks that included the first "December" reference in reverse. While discussing Mars in his forward comments, Goldin suddenly revealed   "Samson's now December" in reverse.

This was followed in June by a call from an intelligence community source who stated that there would be a landing in December at Mountain View, California. Now, Mountain View, California just happens to be the address of a major player in all this, the SET-I institute (on "Landings Drive," of all things!). Privately, TEM originally rejected this scenario but continued the conversation with the "source." By the time TEM received a follow-up call in July, TEM researcher Ron Nicks had made great progress in decoding the "ritual calendar" being used by NASA, among others, and had determined that the 7th of December amounted to a "tetrahedral date" on this calendar. So when our "source" now changed his story to a landing near Phoenix in December, TEM responded with the December 7th date and was greeted with -- stunned silence at the other end of the phone. Little did we know that the original reference to SET-I would turn out to be so intricately connected to this "December 7th" event.

Later in July, an anonymous source claiming to have "Department of Defense" credentials called to tell of an event of "major impact" (asteroids anyone?) on December 7th -- code-named -- "Project Sampson"(!). This whole pattern is so thick with metaphor and symbolism that it is easy to fall back on David's interpretation of Samson as a metaphor in Reverse Speech that simply means "great strength that is easily seduced and weakened." However, subsequent events have led TEM to the conclusion that "Project Sampson" is real and has a direct link to the EQ Pegasi signal and possible December 7th event.

Then came the August 20th, 1998 "Masonic" air strikes against "terrorist bases" in Khartoum, Sudan, and Kabul, Afghanistan. Of course, the missiles were launched from 33 latitude, against targets at 33 latitude (and Khartoum is also at 33 E longitude!), and it was all done when the stellar gods of ancient Egypt were positioned properly over the target sites and at the "temples" established by NASA at various points around the Solar system. (These were made even more bizarre by the fact that the nations top military officers, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, were left "out of the loop" on the air strikes! Maybe they weren't Masons?) It was after these overwhelmingly symbolic events, during a live briefing by Defense Secretary William Cohen, that we got the next piece of the puzzle.

During his briefing, Cohen was warning against "other (terrorist) activities" when he let loose with the biggest, fattest, juiciest, reversal yet "Bring in NASA with December Seven."  This was the final confirmation that the "December" thread appeared to be "real."

As you can see, the reversals are simply one point of a triad of data coming from a variety of sources, not the sole source for the December 7th date. And they were certainly not the original data point to include December 7th.


  • The first component of the International Space Station (Isis) will be launched on November 20th, 1998. The Russian module is named "Zarya," which translates to "rising sun" in English, and just happens to be symbolic of Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. The second module "Unity" will be launched December 3rd, 1998, rendezvous and dock with "Zarya/Horus" on December 5th, and should be powered up and operating by the 9th. In other words, "Isis" and "Horus" should be "unified" by the 7th of December.

It is possible that this is the "event" that will take place on December 7th. It certainly fits all the symbolic requirements. But, given that we have a "drop dead" date for troop movements into the landing site area it seems more likely that are going to have some action in the desert. Certainly we should soon have a clearer picture of which scenario is in place.

  • We have also received unconfirmed reports of increasing military activity in the San Francisco mountains near Flagstaff, Arizona. Reports indicate that there are heavy cargo trucks, helicopters and anti-aircraft weapons being set up near Deadmans Pass near Sacred Mountain Trading Post, and that the vehicles carry no markings. This reports are just that at the moment, but we ask for any one in this area to report any unusual military activity of this sort.
  • Our "air force" has taken video of the proposed landing site, and we hope to post frame captures of the activity going on at the facility soon.


HST-SM.gif (34814 bytes)

In a shocking turn of events, NASA has decided to leave the Hubble Space Telescope in an active mode during Tuesday's Leonid meteor shower to make observations of a distant quasar. A recent HST press release has stated that the risk of impact from one of the meteors in the swarm is 1 in 10,000, and that a short caused by a plume of plasma generated by an impact is unlikely given the aluminum shielding around the space telescope's key electronics systems. Given that aluminum is hardly "meteor proof," NASA's reasoning would appear to be overly optimistic given the 50 miles-per-second speed of the Leonid objects.

Even if NASA's estimates are correct, the risk presented by leaving the HST active as opposed to powering it down during the storm is thousands of times greater. If it is 1 in 10,000 while powered up, it is surely 1 in 100,000 while in a dormant mode.

We also have reports that NASA is already spreading the news that Hubble will be out of commission for the up to two years it will take to send a shuttle mission to repair it. So, exactly how do they know it will be "broken" ahead of time?

We find it alarming, and rather suspicious, given NASA's previous caution when scientists wanted to make close observations of comet Hale-Bopp last year, that NASA would take such a risk with a 2 billion dollar piece of irreplaceable equipment. In fact, given the transient nature and urgent need to understand the threat posed by comets, it is indefensible. The risk of damage from the storm is far greater than the risk from the sun during the proposed H/B observations, and the practical benefits of the knowledge to be gained far less. And the quasar will be in the same place come Wednesday, when the danger has mostly passed.

This sort of inverted logic is highly suspect. It makes sense only if there is a desire on the part of certain insiders to either blind HST or take it "dark" so it can be used for secret observations. Either way, what is it that "they" want to look at but don't want you to see? The answer again points back to "Oh My God" and the threat posed by the much larger Taurid stream, and HST's potentially key role in spotting incoming Earth crossing objects. Hopefully we will get lucky on Tuesday and still have use of HST for some time to come.

In a related story, we have received reports from two separate and credible sources that the Galaxy 5 satellite will under go a "Y2K" test on Tuesday. If this scenario plays out and we lose the satellite, major sources of information, including the Art Bell radio program, would be taken off the air. Banking, television, radio and even internet commerce could be effected, and the psychological blow could cause a rush on banks and severe consequences in the stock market. It might even be considered justification for declaring a national emergency. If this test is in fact planned, we strongly urge that it be called off.

Thre was also another strange turn of events this past week. An astronomer in Thailand declared that comet Temple Tuttle, the lead object in the Leonid stream, would strike the Earth on it's passage some 100 years hence, and that NASA knew about it but was confused as to how to handle it. Interestingly, the links he provided on his page were to the Art Bell web site and Enterprise! This makes sense again only if it is a "heads-up," a deliberate pointing in the direction of this web site in order to get attention for the issues we have raised in "Oh My God."  Now, the page has suddenly been removed from its server. We wonder if someone isn't happy about the issues we raise here?


Meanwhile, we have an update on the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Executive Orders we discussed in our "And then things got even weirder" update.

Initial response to the effect that EO 13083 was "still dead" now appear to be contradicted by news that State Governors want to reinstate the EO in order to establish a national ID plan. It is important to note that EO 13083 revokes President Reagan's earlier EO 12612, which spelled out specifically the roles of the federal government and the states in the favor of the states and the 10th amendment. The only reason to reinstate Clinton's order rather than draft a new one or revise Reagan's is if the emphasis remains essentially the same. This means that the "new improved" EO 13083 will still accentuate the power of the federal government over the power of the states and by definition will transfer rights from the individual to the federal agencies.

Against this chilling backdrop we are now faced with confirmation that the even more draconian Defense Resources EO may be intricately linked to the NASA/Egyptian pattern we have been following for several years. As FEMA administrator James Lee Witt announced on Tuesday, November 10th that FEMA would be making sweeping changes to the way it handles flood insurance (Project Impact), CNN continually ran the story with the agency emblem in the background. This emblem is no where to be found on the FEMA website (I searched at least 35 pages) and my request for a copy from FEMA was ignored, but it was finally tracked down by Peter Gersten of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS). When we finally had a good look at it, it was fairly obvious why the agency would want to keep it quiet.

NSMAILUE.JPG (28097 bytes)
Seal of the Federal Emergency Management Agency

Remember, symbols exist for a reason - to symbolize something - and this emblem places FEMA squarely at the heart of the Sirius/Orion connection. It features characteristics in common with the Great Seal of the United States, including the Eagle which was originally drawn on the Great Seal as a long necked "Phoenix" bird (often mis-represented as a turkey). Above the Eagle is a triangle inside a circle - the two dimensional symbol representative of a circumscribed tetrahedron - which also just happens to be the Egyptian hieroglyph for the star Sirius!

Sirius of course, is the astronomical symbol of the goddess Isis in the ancient Egyptian religion. So what would a federal agency entrusted with relieving the suffering of our citizens have to do with Isis? Isis was the goddess of fertility and the riches of the Nile valley were said to spring from her breast. She was also said to be a witch, with great magical powers of resurrection that she used to resuscitate Osiris (Orion) so she could couple with him and produce Horus, who would ultimately vanquish Osiris' evil brother Set (Taurus). So the truth is, there is no logical "mundane" reason that Isis would be associated with FEMA.

Unless you examine what FEMA really is and the powers it actually has.

The aforementioned Defense Resources EO can help explain some of this. There was something of a controversy last summer when the extent of FEMA's power was used as a plot device in the X-Files movie. While FEMA spokesman were quick to issue denials that the agency had the power to suspend the constitution; "You may emphatically state that FEMA does not have, never has had, nor will ever seek, the authority to suspend the Constitution." said  Maurice Goodman, FEMA's Director of Communications, the answer was not entirely truthful.

According to the Defense Resources EO, it is the President, not FEMA which must declare the emergency and implement martial law. But it places all the power in the hands of the FEMA director. Every other agency, including the US military, would report to the president through the FEMA director. Section 104 (b) reads: [Edited by the authors]

(b) The Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency ("Director,
FEMA") shall:

... (2) Provide for the central coordination of the plans and programs
incident to authorities and functions delegated under this order, and
provide guidance and procedures approved by the Assistant to the
President for National Security Affairs to the Federal departments and
agencies under this order; ...

... (4) Report to the President periodically concerning all program
activities conducted pursuant to this order.

It also says in Part II Priorities and Allocations;

(c) The Director, FEMA, shall attempt to resolve issues or
disagreements on priorities or allocations between Federal departments
or agencies in a time frame consistent with the urgency of the issue at
hand and, if not resolved, such issues will be referred to the Assistant
to the President for National Security Affairs for final determination.

(e) The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs is
hereby delegated the authority under subsection 101(c)(3) of the Act,
and will be assisted by the Director, FEMA, in ensuring the coordinated
administration of the Act.

And in section 202, Determinations;

(c) By the Director, FEMA, with respect to essential civilian needs
supporting national defense, including civil defense and continuity of
government and directly related activities.


Sec. 501. Appointments. The authority of the President under
sections 708(c) and (d) of the Act is delegated to the heads of each
Federal department or agency, except that, insofar as that authority
relates to section 101 of the Act, it is delegated only to the heads of
each Federal department or agency assigned functions under section
201(a) of this order. The authority delegated under this section shall
be exercised pursuant to the provisions of section 708 of the Act, and
copies and the status of the use of such delegations shall be furnished
to the Director, FEMA.

This language makes it clear that the FEMA director will "manage" the other federal agency's under martial law and will report only to the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs and the President himself. This directly contravenes the constitution, which places the military directly under the President exclusively.

But it gets worse. In Section VI, the act provides for the creation of a National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER), again managed by the FEMA director;

(f) The Director, FEMA, shall coordinate the NDER program
activities of departments and agencies in establishing units of the
Reserve; provide for appropriate guidance for recruitment, training, and
activation; and issue necessary rules and guidance in connection with
the program.

And the NDER program also allows for the allocation of slave labor, under the guise of hiring "consultants,"

Sec. 602. Consultants. The head of each department or agency
assigned functions under this order is delegated authority under
sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act to employ persons of outstanding
experience and ability without compensation [emphasis mine - M.B.] and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations. The authority delegated by this section shall not be redelegated.

In other words, any agency, controlled by the FEMA director, can simply declare you a "consultant" and use you for any purpose. It also gives the FEMA director the authority to draft citizens into the armed forces under Part VII (e);

(e) Determine the occupations and skills critical to meeting the
labor requirements of defense and essential civilian activities and,
with the assistance of the Secretary of Defense, the Director of Selective Service, and such other persons as the Director, FEMA, may designate, develop policies regulating the induction and deferment of personnel for the armed services, except for civilian personnel in the reserves;

If all this isn't bad enough, lets examine a few definitions in the act so we can fully understand the extent of the powers granted to FEMA.

Back in  PART II - PRIORITIES AND ALLOCATIONS, the President delegates his authority under the act to "promote the national defense" to various agency heads (which report to the FEMA director). This "promotion of the national defense" is accomplished by allocating control over various resources to the respective federal agencies. These at first seem harmless enough, until you read just how these powers are defined. For instance, lets look at the power delegated to the Departments and then look at a few definitions;


Sec. 201. Delegations of Priorities and Allocations.

(a) The authority of the President conferred by section 101 of the Act
to require acceptance and priority performance of contracts or orders
(other than contracts of employment) to promote the national defense
over performance of any other contracts or orders, and to allocate
materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate
to promote the national defense, is delegated to the following agency

(1) The Secretary of Agriculture with respect to food resources,
food resource facilities, and the domestic distribution of farm
equipment and commercial fertilizer;

(2) The Secretary of Energy with respect to all forms of energy;

(3) The Secretary of Health and Human Services with respect to
health resources;

(4) The Secretary of Transportation with respect to all forms of
civil transportation;

(5) The Secretary of Defense with respect to water resources; and

(6) The Secretary of Commerce for all other materials, services,
and facilities, including construction materials.

So what does "all forms of civil transportation" mean? Lets look at the definition given way down at the bottom of the act in Section 901(a);

(a) "Civil transportation" includes movement of persons and
property by all modes of transportation in interstate, intrastate, or
foreign commerce within the United States, its territories and
possessions, and the District of Columbia, and, without limitation,
related public storage and warehousing, ports, services, equipment and
facilities, such as transportation carrier shop and repair facilities.
However, "civil transportation" shall not include transportation owned
or controlled by the Department of Defense, use of petroleum and gas
pipelines, and coal slurry pipelines used only to supply energy
production facilities directly. As applied herein, "civil
transportation" shall include direction, control, and coordination of
civil transportation capacity regardless of ownership.

This innocuous little paragraph gives FEMA the power to restrict travel and seize any vehicle in the United States. This is but one section of the act. Other definitions apportion basically everything of value to various agencies all controlled by FEMA. This document is simply a blueprint for the take over of the United States and suspension of the Constitution by the executive branch of the government.

And all this power centered in an agency with an overt preoccupation with the magical goddess of ancient Egypt.

This "Egyptian obsession" is not reserved just to FEMA. Besides NASA's well documented "Egyptian/Masonic" connection, other federal agencies and facilities are beholden to the same symbolism. Remember the controversial Denver airport, with its ten thousand foot runway (long enough for a Space Shuttle)? Well ...

denv-11.jpg (121444 bytes)

... It also has an "Isis symbol" among other bizarre decorations ... (NOTE: we do not necessarily endorse the contents of this link, other than the images presented.)

denver-8.JPG (105372 bytes)

And a Masonic cornerstone for the "New World Airport Commission."

If you think all these plans are merely precautionary and have nothing to do with SET-I signals or "December 7th landings," consider the current political climate. Recently Defense Secretary William Cohen gave an interview in which he declared that martial law would not be unthinkable and suggested that Posse Comitatus laws (which prevent the US military from being used against our own citizens) might need to be overturned. The "terrorism" card was played again as the excuse, but consider - how many of us could tell the difference between damage caused by a bomb and that caused by a meteor strike?

rehnquist.gif (10361 bytes)

And if you think we will have the courts to turn to, think again. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States William Rehnquist has written a new book called "All the laws but one" in which he examines the use of martial law by Lincoln during the civil war and Roosevelt during World War II. Specifically, Rehnquist cites Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus (which prevents citizens from being held without charge or trial) and concludes "I would have agreed with his view as to suspending the writ of habeas corpus, I think, because that seemed to be a real threat to the union." In other words, the current Chief Justice is amenable to the suspension of the constitution if in his opinion the threat is "real" enough.

Between these events and the opening of the movie "The Siege" , it seems we are being prepared to consider the necessity for martial law. Given what seems to be on the horizon in terms of December and the Taurids, this is not a good sign.


The signals coming over Richard Hoagland's phone lines and commented on by both Hoagland and Art Bell during his recent appearances have been analyzed by a listener. They consist of three tones of 6 seconds duration followed by three tones of 3 seconds duration. In other words 6-6-6 and 3-3-3 (33.3). Make of this what you will.


All of these continue to point to an escalating series of events. We hope to have the opportunity to scan for the EQ Pegasi signal ourselves this week. We will be reporting on whatever we find.

And as for Mr. Dore, we are close to decoding his final message on the original EQ Pegasi web site. And guess what? It has some veiled references to "something" going down on December 7th ...