Critics Fire Blanks
Big Guns Are Still Firing in Texas

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On Tuesday, December 8th, and Wednesday December 9th, "NASA Sources" began what amounted to a full court press disinformation campaign against the data posted by TEM concerning the bizarre Arizona weather and "EMP event" of December 7th. In e-mails sent to UFO researchers and certain media outlets, these sources claimed that our reference to "ELF" in the original "Smoking Gun" update was a "lie" because ELF was a triangular array in Minnesota for submarine communications which "has no radiation." These sources cited the facility commander as his source for this information. What these geniuses evidently failed to grasp was that our reference had nothing to do with a facility called "ELF," but was concerning Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves themselves, which we suspected (and reported) were being generated from HAARP, not some obscure Naval facility in the Midwest. In addition, ELF is by definition electromagnetic radiation, and therefore a radiated energy. This source also claims that the facility is in "Black Duck" Minnesota. As near as we can tell, there is no such place. However, there is a Black Duck, Wisconsin near where this Naval facility is supposedly located, which is actually Clam Lake, Wisconsin. This also just happens to be the center point of another "radar burst" back on November 6th/7th (GMT).

NWYHO11-7.gif (132276 bytes)

This source, with no attribution whatsoever, also claimed that the presented .GIF was "manufactured" (by us!). His primary reason for this conclusion was that it depicted "tornadic activity." Tornadoes, of course, are vorticular clouds and fit the "Hyperdimensional" model of the devices we are speculating created the pulse effect. And since we now have independent confirmation of the Arizona ring from the Nexrad Radar archives (This archive only goes back ten days, so it will be stale by December 17th), we think it will be hard for this "NASA source" to support for much longer his own completely spurious claim, let alone prove it.

12-8-MARTA--12-39_Z-9am.gif (25077 bytes)

Another noise maker who has been working closely with "Paul Dore" has asserted a number equally bogus claims. Primarily, he has asserts he  has "proven" that HAARP is not a "Tesla device" based a single sentence made in a 1919 article by Tesla. Curiously, this article was not made readily available within the critique. Of course, you can get the article from this critic's web page -- for six bucks. (Thanks but we'll hang on to our wallets.) And in spite of this critic's claims, there is plenty of reason to suspect that HAARP's technology is based on ideas originally developed by Tesla or Eastlund (which,  is why we provided a link which discussed this openly and in a balanced manner). "Tesla devices" have also become a sort of generic "brand name" for a whole host of technologies based on scalar (hyperdimensional) physics, and this was certainly the intent behind our use of this phrase. In any event, our piece is not dependant on HAARP itself necessarily being a "Tesla device," despite attempts by critics to make it seem as if the whole article hinges on this single issue. Rather, this aspect is based on the proven ability of HAARP, via conventional physics and engineering, to affect the entire ionospheric/stratospheric/troposheric boundary and thus lower atmospheric weather. Walter Orr Roberts 20 year study of solar ionospheric interactions and drought cycles in the American Southwest amply demonstrates this.

We were also attacked for providing the link to the HAARP database. Our critic claimed that the data was still available and not missing. He evidently missed these four words in a previous paragraph; "as of this writing." The links are no longer valid since more information is added to the database daily and old pages are moved. [I did not know this would be the case when I initially authored the piece - MB.] But, despite what these critics are claiming, I have revisited the pages a number of times and numerous thumbnails are still broken and the page in question (listed as "7 Dec 02:59 UT") still has 4 fractured links, including the critical one closest to the "EMP event," marked "07 Dec 1998/02:44 UT/-17:44 LT."

The other focus of these attacks on Enterprise is the HAARP ionographs presented in this article. The critic claims that these data represent "what is happening with the ionosphere." He later attributes this solely to "solar activity." At least one researcher has found that there is no increased Solar activity during the period in question. HAARP (and the other "ionospheric burners") sends energy through the ionosphere when it is in operation, and the Digisonde would pick this up along with any "solar activity." So to claim that this data shows only "solar activity" is at best deceptive. Of course, there are many debunkers who claim that HAARP lacks the power to affect the ionosphere except locally over the device. All these claims are based on the publicly available data for the device and depend on the assumption that this information is full and complete.

But what about the radar?

What is always important in dissecting an attack like this is not what they say, but what they don't say ... what they avoid talking about at all costs. This attack on our HAARP analysis completely ignores the other critical hard data -- the anomalous radar returns off "something" -- in favor of this nit-picking over semantics and weather or not HAARP is technically a "Tesla device." This is a variation of what we affectionately call around here the "Kal Korff" defense. You avoid talking about the hard data at all costs and focus instead on some small issue, distort the hell out of it, and then try to sell that as the most critical part of the story.

What we can expect, as we get closer to "the truth," is for these attacks to increase both in frequency and intensity ... even as these increasingly extraordinary developments continue to unfold.


Radar returns continue to show the affects of amazing "scalar technologies" at work over the continental United States.

12-12-Y-US-LG-RNG.gif (229336 bytes)
Full US map

12-12-Y-MID-LRG-RNG1.gif (174280 bytes)
Midwest close-up

One of the most prominent (which we have nick named "The Amarillo Pulsar") continues to operate at high intensity. These returns from Saturday the 12th indicate that whatever the purpose of these devices (which, at this early stage could either be deliberate weather modification or large area projectile defense - or both), they are operating and demonstrably impacting the environment around them.

Basemap.jpg (220507 bytes)
Map showing confirmed locations of "EMP facilities"

Ken Johnston, a 30 year NASA veteran, has correlated many of these locations to military bases and installations. In addition, we have found (after just a rudimentary examination of the maps) that these "EMP facilities" (or whatever they are) seem to be located at or near towns with some very clever symbolic names. For instance, there is a peak called "White Horse" (Pegasus/Pale Horse) very near Turret Peak in Arizona (and where there were some odd aerial phenomena the night of the 7th). Another facility seems to be centered around Phoenix, Oregon, and one in Pyramid, Nevada, and so on. A more detailed report will follow in the next few days.

Obviously, there is absolutely no "conventional" explanation for what this data represents, especially the radar. And, we are happy to report official, honest Washington sources have taken an interest.

Stay Tuned ....