This Ship's Section is devoted, in part, to scheduled media briefings and updates on continuing Enterprise Mission research. Listed are personal radio and television appearances by "Enterprise" team members, as well as produced documentary programming (Discover, Learning Channel, etc.) devoted to or including new "Enterprise" research. Also listed will be upcoming public appearances, speeches, official briefings, etc., by "Enterprise" Principal Investigator, Mr. Hoagland.

Included in this Section is a listing of related World Wide Web sites presenting companion or related information -- essential to further understanding of the multi-disciplinary broad front implications of the Enterprise Mission research.


Moon Artifacts Press Conference 3/21/96

Art Bell Appearances

Richard has appeared on the Art Bell radio talk show program many times.

Richard was on, following the press conference, with Ken Johnston. Here is a transcript of Richard Hoagland / Ken Johnston Interview on the Art Bell Program 3/21/96, The Night of the Conference.

Richard Hoagland and Dr. Edgar Mitchell appeared on the Art Bell program for a debate on May 15th. The photos discussed and a transcript of the debate are on our Edgar Mitchell page.

"Open Hailing Frequencies" to World Wide Web Sites of Related Interest


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