This is the policy-planning and nerve center of the 14-year-old "Enterprise Mission."

This is the year when answers to the grave scientific, philosophical and social questions surrounding this Investigation may finally begin coming back from 3 new unmanned missions planned for launch back to Mars this Fall -- beginning with a NASA orbital mission named "Global Surveyor"; a NASA surface mission with a mini-rover, called "Pathfinder"; and a companion Russian "orbiter/surface penetrator" mission. As opposed to general conference discussions on the existing NASA/Soviet Moon/Mars imaging data, and the "Enterprise" artifact analysis (see "Conference Auditorium"), the Bridge Section will be devoted to the continuously changing, decades-long political opposition to this investigation -- focusing specifically on NASA's continuing refusal to guarantee any new high-resolution imagery of the purported "artifacts" from any of its new planetary missions.

Recommendations from "Enterprise" Web participants for how this mysterious and continuing political opposition can be overcome in this election year will be the prime focus of these Bridge discussions. Also to be discussed: NASA's newly-announced unmanned "Discover" lunar mission (planned for 1997, in the wake of the secretive DOD unmanned Clementine mission, in 1994), and exciting, growing technical and financial options for a "private Enterprise lunar mission."

An extensive e-mail campaign to Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill, and the White House itself before the election this Fall, will be focused on these new returning mission to the Moon and Mars . . . and will be coordinated, with your help, from here--

From the Bridge of "Enterprise."

Stay tuned . . .

6/16/97 - A Surprise Connection to Reverse Speech
NASA "Backwards Thinking" Revealing True Agenda?
4/22/97 - Requests to Image Comet Hale-Bopp with Hubble
Letter From James Mott
Letter From David Mulnix
Letter From Rodney Schapel
Hoagland Responds to NASA's FAX to Art Bell
5/13/97 - AP: NASA Bops Hale-Bopp Plot Theory
Letter from Mark James Responding to Rosenthal's Article
4/25/97 - NASA Cancels Mission to Europa!!
Orlando Sentinel Story
Letter from Sharon Flood
Letter from David Livingston to Koppel
Letter from David Livingston to Goldin


ABC Nightline FAX Number: (202) 222-7680 (Ted Koppel)
CNN Atlanta FAX Number: (404) 681-3578 
7/31/96 - Hoagland Appearance on Art Bell Program
Richard has presented some new information on the Art Bell radio program on Wednesday night July 31th. Here is an internal memo of NASA, regarding an Open House, with instructions to personnel regarding the Mars Mission. Fax Page One and Fax Page Two
"Re-Photograph Cydonia Petition" to President & Congress


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